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Tag Archives: LG Optimus Quantum unlocked

Moshi for iPad
  • The Unlocked LG Mobile Optimus Quantum is a phone that is not all that loaded with features, but nonetheless provides a great experience for end users who are looking for a Windows Phone 7 phone on a budget. It features a QWERTY keyboard that allows you to easily type out text messages, emails, or any other correspondence easily and quickly. The sliding out motion for the keyboard is about as smooth as it gets, and does not add too much weight to the phone as a whole.

    The LG Mobile Optimus Quantum is one of just a few phones that provide a QWERTY keyboard in conjunction with Windows Phone 7, which should draw in quite a few users. It also features a 5 megapixel rear camera that comes complete with an LED flash to add extra brightness to your pictures. The camera is actually placed on the top center portion of the phone much in the same way that the HTC Desire HD camera is. It can be a bit cumbersome to use when you are trying to take anything but a portrait shot, but the flash feature makes up for this.

    The edge of the phone features a several controls for the volume, and USB charger and a headphones socket. The LG Mobile Optimus Quantum unlocked handset has a great size that fits comfortably in the hand and also is not too heavy in the pocket, weighting 185 grams overall. This is heavier than many smart phones, but this can be attributed to the slide out QWERTY keyboard.

    The biggest draw to this phone will undoubtedly be the slide out keyboard. It is laid out in a way that makes sense and is easy to use, and will probably be one of the best Windows Phone 7 OS devices that LG has to offer throughout the early goings of 2011.

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