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  • Twilight Saga iPhone Games
    Posted on July 11, 2010 by Pure Mobile

    The Twilight Saga series of stories has gripped the world by storm, especially women, who are spellbound by it. So naturally, game developers are trying their level best to cash in on this opportunity. GameHouse has finally managed to launch two games which are inspired from Twilight saga in a number of mobile devices. The lists of phones, which have been subjected to these games, include the Apple Unlocked iPhone 4.

    The first game, which is called the Memory Quest, offers three different game modes of Memory and Match-3 game play, and each corresponds to a movie in the Twilight Saga franchise. By and by as you progress in the game, you match tokens; you will unlock scenes or images from the movies. You will be proceeding from level to level after that Power ups are also available or the Wolfpack Tattoo, and with their help progress through the levels. This game contains more than 90 levels of difficulty.

    The second game is the Twilight Saga- Eclipse Movie game. This game allows the players to relive their best and favorite moments from the Twilight Saga: Eclipse film, by way of a quiz game. Popular characters from the Saga like Bella, Jacob, Alice and Edward. There are 21 characters you can choose from, in Survival Mode. In Survival Mode, the player either answers the questions alone, or by competing with his/her friends, by using the pass and play. You can play with up to four friends. There are many game types, such as “Who Am I?” and players compete for the best possible score. There are almost 500 questions, numerous picture puzzles and Perfect Pairs.

    Both of these games are available in Apple stores, and they add a whole new excitement quotient to your  unlocked  smartphones. They are a very good means of passing your time, and especially for the womenfolk, these games can present to you your beloved Twilight Saga from a whole new angle.

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