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  • iPhone App “The Heist”
    Posted on June 2, 2011 by Pure Mobile

    iPhone App “The Heist”For users that have been a Mac user for quite some time, you have probably heard of a program called the MacHeist, which allows users to bundle programs together for a very low price. The Heist, an unlocked iPhone 4 app has been confused for Macheist but is a different beast entirely. The Heist is a unique puzzle game that is very in depth and can be very addictive. The app allows users to navigate through four different types of puzzles over the course of sixty levels on their way to beating the game, with future versions of the app looking like they could be on the horizon as well. The four different puzzle types all have different themes, which is part of the reason why the game has been so highly sought after. You would think that puzzle games had lost their appeal but it appears as if they are more popular than they have ever been.


    There is also a prize to any user that is somehow able to complete every level of the popular and challenging game. This has not been at this time, but you can expect someone to eventually break through all 60 levels to claim their price.

    iPhone App “The Heist”

    The game has been released by the popular game development company called TapTapTap that has released a number of other popular apps. One of their most recent apps that they released is the Camera+ iPhone 4 unlocked app, which is currently available for just $0.99 through the App Store. As of right now the app is the number one paid app overall, which is quite an impressive feat considering how popular some games like Angry Birds have become in the app store. TapTapTap is a company that prides themselves on the quality of the apps that they offer and will likely continue to release highly popular apps moving forward.

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