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Moshi for iPad
  • Headphones Work As Cameras with iOS 5Have you ever wanted to be able to be even more stealthy with your photo taking ability? Well now you can, as one of the features that will come with the brand new iOS 5 is the ability to use your headphone remote as a camera shutter button. Technically, you do not even have to hit a button your phone in order to get it to take a picture now, which is a huge upgrade over the way that things worked with the previous version unlocked iphone 4. The shutter button was going to be the volume up button the phone, but luckily enough there is another device that has a volume up button - your headphone cable!


    This will be an interesting development. At this time it is not currently clear whether or not Apple meant for the button on the headphones to work like that or not, mostly because it would allow people to take pictures even more anonymously than they already do, but a number of Apple blogs and forums have pointed out that it does indeed work.

    Headphones Work As Cameras with iOS 5

    Keep in mind that if you are holding your phone you would just be able to take the pictures yourself. Of course, if you were to set your phone down somewhere and snap a photo using the ovlume up button on your headphones it would certainly allow you to be even more stealthy and no one would really have any idea that you were taking the pictures. It is an interesting feature, but at this time it is not clear if it was even meant to be a feature at all. We will have to wait and see if Apple patches before the release of iOS 5 before coming to any conclusions about it. You can already see how you might snap a lot of inadvertent photos with it.


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  • Can you imagine your car being completely compatible with your mobile provider to deliver you updates regarding the charging of your electric car right to your mobile device. This week, AT&T and Ford announced that they have put together a deal that will allow for wireless connectivity to be built directly into to the Focus Electric model that Ford is releasing.

    The deal will allow Ford to connect to AT&T for their MyFord Mobile app. This app will be able to let you know where your car is at, and exactly how much it has charged thus far. It will also give you a good idea regarding how much battery life you have left when you are not around your car.


    The app also helps you to schedule charging, setup notifications, and even has compatibility with other apps including MapQuest. All of the data is shared from the car to the smart device through the connection that is provided with AT&T.


    So far the app will work with Android, BlackBerry and iOS device such as iphone 4 unlocked. The company has not made any announcements about extending the compatibility to other platforms, but even if the pap does not work with your smart device, you can still use the web interface that is provided by Ford.


    A press release was released by both companies that explains in great detail exactly how this will work and what users can expect to get out of the new deal between Ford and AT&T. This could just be the first step in a larger process of connecting your car to your mobile carrier and device that could simplify many aspects of your life in the future. MyFord Mobile is available on the Ford website. It will be interesting to see where things head from here.


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  • Would you believe us if we told you that an unlocked iPhone 4 could survive a 1,000 foot fall out of a plane? While thousands are probably upset because their device broke when it fell out of their lap onto the floor as they stood up, the story is true. A US Air Force Combat Controller named Ron Walker took his story to the media after taking a number of armed forces individuals with him to do a jump from a plane.


    He said that he looked out the door to find landmarks on the ground below to help him get the plane into the right position for the jump, when the flap that held his phone broke open, and his iPhone 4 flew out of his pocket. The plane was moving more than 150 miles per hour at the time. He watched as the phone fell and made its way all the way to the ground, and he assumed that the phone was probably going to be lost forever, but was curious to see what condition it was in after such a long drop.

    When he got to the ground, he told the story to some colleagues who installed the Find My Phone app. Within minutes they had located the phone. It was still active, much to their surprise. They followed it in vehicles and were able to find it in a wooded area not far from where they were.


    The iPhone 4 unlocked did not have any significant damage, and to their surprise, was in perfect working order. It was something that they never expected. He quickly made his way online and sent his story to a number of mobile websites that quickly published it. As you might have guessed, these results are not typical and no one would recommend throwing your phone out of a moving plane to see if it survives. The fact that it still worked was crazy enough, but the lack of significant damage was the defining part of the story.

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  • iOS 4.3 Coming Mid February
    Posted on February 9, 2011 by Pure Mobile

    The newest version of iOS, iOS 4.3 for unlocked iphone 4 will be launching on February 14th, according to a number of different sources. So far, Google has had a pretty standard operation in terms of the development of the newest version. They have been releasing a new version of the iOS platform about once every two weeks. With the final beta version seemingly upon us, you can expect the company to release the software for all to use sometime next week.

    Apple has remained silent about when users can expect the official launch to come, likely for fear that other bugs would be discovered and they would not meet their original plan. All that you can know now is that Apple will release the software when they feel it is ready.

    It looks as thought they are hoping to release the update close to Valentines Day, which could be a bad thing for those of us that are looking to play with the features. Playing with the phone on Valentines Day will not make the wife happy, but for some of us could be worth in the long run.

    A few different rumors have been leaked so far, pinning the release date either earlier or later in the week depending. It will be interesting to see how and when the software is finally launched. iOS 4.3 for iphone 4 unlocked and ipads has been the talk of the town since word of it first made its way online several months ago, and Apple has continued to test it throughout its beta stages. It appears that the newest update could be just on the horizon, so keep your eye out for the announcement as we get closer to Valentine ’s Day. Apple has not confirmed or denied any of the rumors that have been released so far.

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  • Hasbro to Bring 3D to iPhone and iTouch
    Posted on November 11, 2010 by Pure Mobile

    With 3D becoming such a sought after product trend across a number of different markets, it is no surprise that someone went out of their way to develop technology that would allow unlocked  iPhone 4 and iPod’s to be viewed in 3D. It was recently announced that Hasbro will be releasing a $30 pair of goggles called My3D which allows users to view 3D images on the screens of their smart phones.

    It is interesting that Hasbro developed a piece of technology specifically for Apple products, but it is hard to imagine that anyone would find much use in the My3D goggles. First of all, they have to be held up, not only to your eyes, but also to the screen that you are looking at. The design of the My3D goggles is eerily similar to the design of the ViewMaster that was popular throughout the 1980’s and 1990’s.

    The device is said to be geared toward both children and adults, and the company may try to expand the functionality of the goggles by developing other uses for them. The goggles look very similar to a set of binoculars in design. The front of the goggles have a slot that allows you to attach your iPod or iPhone to the device so that you can easily see the 3D screen. Only certain apps in the app store will even be compatible with the new device, so do not expect to play your current games or apps using My3D goggles. This could be the start of a trend in the development of 3D applications and games for the iPhone 4 unlocked and other devices, but likely will not take off until there is a more comfortable solution for viewing.

    With an increasing number of 3D products being developed across a plethora of different industries, you should expect to see more products similar to the My3D Goggles in an attempt to capitalize on the growing 3D trend.

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  • iPhone Accessories
    Posted on June 11, 2009 by Pure Mobile

    So a little more follow up on yesterday's post.  With everyone complaining about the Apple iPhone 3Gs not being a real big change from, but what people aren't realizing is how this is actually a good thing.  A lot of people complained when Apple changed the iPhone to the Apple iPhone 3G and changed size and where some of the buttons were, which meant any accessories people invested in while they had the original were no longer able to fit the new one.  This meant everyone had to buy new accessories.

    That means all those Apple iPhone 3G iSkin Accessories will still work with the new iPhone 3Gs.  So all those Solo and Solo FX skins will still work and so will the Revo2 skins and the Duet belt clip

    So as much as people complain there are some good things and we, at PureMobile, aren't just talking about the new features about the Apple iPhone 3Gs we are talking about not having to buy all new accessories.

    This post was posted in Apple and was tagged with iPhone Accessories, iphone 3gs, Featured, Apple

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