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Tag Archives: iphone 4 unlocked

Moshi for iPad
  • HP’s webOS 2.0 will be making its way to tablets and larger phones, according to an announcement that was made by the company today. On the same day that the company announced that they had recorded large increases in revenue and profit throughout the last quarter, the announcement came that they were looking to further expand their webOS 2.0 operating system to encompass many more devices. With the Apple’s unlocked iphone 4 handset have a large market, it will be interesting to see which devices are targeted by the company with their new operating system.

    Scott Miles from HP demoed the OS earlier in the week, showing off an email application and the Chrome browser (the same chrome browser that runs on desktop machines) smoothly running on webOS 2.0.

    Perhaps the most interesting piece of the announcement was that apps for the IOS will scale to a number of different aspect ratios, allowing the apps to keep the same appearance and functionality form one device to another, whether it be a point and click device or a touchscreen device.

    Enyo is a project that the company has put a lot of stock into. Their ability to cater to what mobile users are looking for has made the new operating system highly anticipated, and the announcement that the OS will support larger devices and smaller devices utilizing the same software makes it a viable option for many different devices.

    Enyo will reportedly be available i the first quarter of 2011, and is expected to become a mainstay for years to come. The company also released a video that demoed some of the features from the software that was shown at the NYC technology convention earlier in the day. It will be interesting to see if the software garners enough attention from device manufacturers to compete with some of the larger operating system.

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  • The long awaited Apple iOS 4.2.1 update is now available for download on all compatible devices. The company announced this morning that the update would be going live today after weeks of speculation about when the update would be made available through iTunes. There really is no reason not to upgrade, as this update will fix a number of features that experienced problems with the iOS 4.2 update on some devices. A number of changes were made with the new update, including a tweak to the Facetime voice control, among others.

    The video calling technology will also now support a number of different Bluetooth accessories which will make video conferencing on the unlocked iPhone 4 much easier in the future.

    The iPod Touch (fourth generation) also received a number of bug fixes in the new updates, including bugs that dealt with the stereo playback through a car when the phone was connected through a USB port.

    You might want to wait a few hours to download the update as the servers seem to be a little bit bogged down at the moment with everyone rushing to install the update. If you wait until you go to sleep, and let the update happen overnight, you should wake up with a freshly updated mobile device in the morning. Keep in mind, you will have to go through a number of confirmation screens after the update has been downloaded so set your alarm a little bit early to make up for it.

    The iOS 4.2.1 update will not add any high profile new features to devices and instead will mostly fix bugs and update the features that have been present in the previous versions of the devices. There is no rush to update as no security bugs have been associated with the previous version, but it is a good idea to update as soon as possible.

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  • FaceTime On The iPhone 4
    Posted on November 18, 2010 by Pure Mobile

    The iPhone 4 comes equipped with FaceTime, something that has evolved the way we think about talking over the phone. Since the beginning of sci-fi there was always a way to talk with somebody over great distances but still be able to see them, however it has take some time for that to become a portable reality. With the unlocked iPhone 4 however this is no longer sci-fi, thanks to the high quality VGA front facing camera you can video talk with whoever you want (as long as they have a iPhone 4). Simply touch a button and you can start talking with somebody face to face.

    As you can imagine this makes the phone incredibly useful and flexible. Maybe you have to work during an important event, there is no reason why you have to miss it if somebody has an iPhone 4 who you know. Everything you thought about cell phones is changing thanks to the iPhone 4.

    Both Back And Front Facing Cameras

    The iPhone 4 is much sought after thanks to the front facing camera it has. This was a necessity if you wanted to voice chat with somebody, however the high definition camera found on the back comes as a nice added bonus. You can take pictures and record in HD, memorable moments and gorgeous views can be saved for ever in their vibrant colors. You can get the best seat at numerous events even if you weren't actually there. You can share in the celebration of your child's birthday even if you had to be out of town, or share in a bed time story with your youngest as you sit in a hotel room on a business trip, there is just so much you can do with these two great cameras.

    Using FaceTime is incredibly easy, simply make a call like normal and then select the button that says.. you guessed it, 'FaceTime', you can then add anybody you want to the video conversation. On their end they are asked if they want to accept the invitation, when they choose yes there is a very short loading screen before the video talk starts. Although you can have video conversations with other phones, none of them do it in such a quick, simple and intuitive manner.

    The iPhone 4 unlocked handset was already popular before it even hit the stores, however with FaceTime it became an even bigger hit. Since the first sci-fi that had a video conversation people have been waiting until the time they could do it themselves in a simple way, the iPhone 4 has realized that dream.

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  • Using the iPhone 4 for Multi-Tasking
    Posted on November 12, 2010 by Pure Mobile

    A major issue that other users had with other editions of the iPhone is that when they came out they did not provider the users with the ability to multi-task. Several telephones sold then already offered multi-tasking features, and users did not get why Apple decided to forgo this capability in favor of others. The answer to this question was obvious after we examined the multi-tasking capabilities that are available on the unlocked iPhone 4.
    Switch from one App to Another Fast

    The multi-tasking capabilities of the iPhone 4 provides users with a way to switch from one app to another app simply and fast and all that must be done is to double click on the button located at the bottom of the phone. This is the home button. When this button is clicked, a shortcut list will pop up that will show the apps that the user has utilized recently. Think about the fact that you could switch to the iPhone app from Pandora in the event that you cannot locate a song you want to listen to. In addition, you are going to be able to go from a game you are currently playing to your Internet browser if you want to see how your team is doing or to read a current headline or two.
    Pick Up Right Where You Left Off

    The Multi-tasking capabilities of the iPhone 4 also lets you pick up at the exact point you stopped with all apps. This means you can return to the YouTube clip you left without fast forwarding to that spot, or you can start a game at the point you stopped. Right when you return to the app, your position will be right where you were when you had to leave.
    Listen to Tunes as You do Other Tasks

    You probably would like to have the ability to listen to music on your iPod, on YouTube, or on another app as you do other tasks on your phone. You would not have been able to do this with other editions of the iPhone, and as such, this was a hot topic among users who wished they had this feature. Now you will be able to listen to your tunes as you do other tasks on your phone like browse the Internet or check your email.
    Have GPS Apps Running While You do Other Tasks

    Many users utilize their iPhones to get directions to somewhere and for music, which wasn't possible to do simultaneously with previous versions. Because the GPS app could not be used at the same time as you were listening to music on your iPhone, you probably missed your exit more than once. However, the newest version iPhone 4 unlocked will allow you to run your GPS app to receive the right directions even if you are listening to music. This feature will lower the level of your music automatically whenever it provides new directions.

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  • Hasbro to Bring 3D to iPhone and iTouch
    Posted on November 11, 2010 by Pure Mobile

    With 3D becoming such a sought after product trend across a number of different markets, it is no surprise that someone went out of their way to develop technology that would allow unlocked  iPhone 4 and iPod’s to be viewed in 3D. It was recently announced that Hasbro will be releasing a $30 pair of goggles called My3D which allows users to view 3D images on the screens of their smart phones.

    It is interesting that Hasbro developed a piece of technology specifically for Apple products, but it is hard to imagine that anyone would find much use in the My3D goggles. First of all, they have to be held up, not only to your eyes, but also to the screen that you are looking at. The design of the My3D goggles is eerily similar to the design of the ViewMaster that was popular throughout the 1980’s and 1990’s.

    The device is said to be geared toward both children and adults, and the company may try to expand the functionality of the goggles by developing other uses for them. The goggles look very similar to a set of binoculars in design. The front of the goggles have a slot that allows you to attach your iPod or iPhone to the device so that you can easily see the 3D screen. Only certain apps in the app store will even be compatible with the new device, so do not expect to play your current games or apps using My3D goggles. This could be the start of a trend in the development of 3D applications and games for the iPhone 4 unlocked and other devices, but likely will not take off until there is a more comfortable solution for viewing.

    With an increasing number of 3D products being developed across a plethora of different industries, you should expect to see more products similar to the My3D Goggles in an attempt to capitalize on the growing 3D trend.

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  • A number of different websites are reporting that Apple has made the move to purchase Wi-Gear, a small company that is based in the San Francisco area that specializes in creating Bluetooth headsets. At the time of the breaking news, no dollar amount had been placed on the acquisition. What does this say about the direction that Apple is taking? Some have speculated that the purchase of the company means that Apple will be looking at developing a number of Bluetooth headphones under the Apple brand name. Shortly after it was announced that Wi-Gear was purchased by Google, a number of sources within the company were quoted as saying that the deal has not happened as of yet, but there is a possibility that it could happen in the near future.

    The previous brand name of the headphones that were developed by Wi-Gear was iMuffs. The company also specialized in creating Bluetooth adapters that allowed older versions of iPod’s and iPhones to utilize features that are associated with Bluetooth.

    The former co-founder of Wi-Gear is currently working at Apple as a Bluetooth Engineer for the iOS system, and his presence in the company may have contributed to the purchase of Wi-Gear. It is not currently clear if Apple is looking to replace the wired headsets that typically come with any of their devices that are used for music, or if they will be developing a completely new Bluetooth product all together. What this does say though is that the company is looking to put more emphasis on the Bluetooth features of their products. It will be exciting to see what direction the company heads in regards to Bluetooth development and the role it plays in future iPhone and iPod devices.

    It is clear that Apple is looking to expand the Bluetooth features on their unlocked iphone 4, and now, if the acquisition of Wi-Gear turns out to be true, the question becomes; what will they use their newly acquired company to develop?

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  • Unlocked iPhone 4 HD Camera
    Posted on November 10, 2010 by Pure Mobile

    The ability to record HD video with the unlocked iPhone 4 is something that truly sets it apart from the competition. No matter where you go you will be able to capture HD video of any landscape in front of you. It has been one of the biggest draws for the phone. The back of the phone also features an illumination sensor that delivers high quality video both in low and bright settings, ensuring that you always get the shot that you intended on.

    Edit Your Videos on Your iPhone 4

    Most phones that are able to capture video require that you transfer the video file back to your phone before you are able to edit it. The iPhone 4 has built in technology that allows you to edit the video through the camera app, directly after the video has been recorded. You can even set start and end points for the video as soon as it has been shot so that you do not have to take up extra hard drive space with excess video files.
    Use the iMovie App To Produce Finished Movies

    The iMovie app is one of the most popular apps dealing with video and the iPhone 4. At just $4.99, the iMovie app allows you to edit each video that you shoot into separate video clips, as well as polish your movies and add borders and background to give it that finished quality.

    Along with the high definition camera that can be found on the back of the iPhone 4, the device also offers a VGA quality camera on the front of your phone so that you can take video of yourself or take a portrait shot while being able to see exactly what you are shooting on the screen on the phone.

    Once you have taken the video, the iPhone 4 makes it easy for you to quickly send it through messages and other apps to anyone of your choosing. All you have to do is tap on the camera icon in your “messages” app, and then click on MMS, which will place the movie in a message that you can then send to friends of yours that are able to receive movies through MMS.

    The iPhone 4 unlocked handset has revolutionized the way that video is shared and recorded. The HD camera allows you to capture any moment, even when you forgot to bring a camera.

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  • The number of Apps available for Googles Android is expected to reach 140,000 within the next couple of weeks as the market place becomes increasingly competitive. While still lagging behind the number of apps available for the unlocked iPhone4 by an estimated hundred thousand Android is increasingly becoming a respectable alternative for those attracted by the variety of third-party software available for the iPhone.

    However when comparing the two markets the quality of Android apps are often brought into question. This is because unlike Apple, who review and check every App that they allow to be sold or downloaded, Android apps are subject to very little quality control. This means that many apps are malicious or in some cases just useless.

    An example of malicious software is the recent news in the headlines that many third-party apps were transmitting users GPS location and phone number to advertising servers which many people have seen as a severe breach of privacy.

    However this isn't always the case. One successful and safe Android app is the Geolocation based Foursquare which has just released version 2.0 to Unlocked Motorola Milestone Android users. Foursquare utilises the GPS function on phones to allow users to 'check in' to physical locations so they can show friends where they have been.

    As this shows, the Android app market still has a lot to offer but users may have to be more aware and perhaps tech savy if they are to avoid installing malicious content. It is worth noting however that Google dismiss this criticism citing that “Not only must each Android app get users' permission to access sensitive information, but developers must also go through billing background checks to confirm their real identities, and we will disable any apps that are found to be malicious.”

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  • As the big names in the world fight it out amongst themselves, every step they take defines the future of the company. Even the slightest mistake can be catastrophic in nature for them. And even the biggest names are not devoid of errors. Apple had so far been basking in their own glory, with the new Apple iPhone 4 causing quite a stir in the technological world. And still they found themselves in a tough spot when they earlier acknowledged the fact that the unlocked  iPhone 4 was far from perfect and that the antennae was the cause behind all problems although it did manage to sell over three million sets. While the engineers from Apple are trying to work out a possible solution to this predicament, Apple on the other hand is ready to compensate for their folly and is trying to provide consolation by means of free iPhone cases. In short, if you are facing similar problems then Apple would be more than happy to provide a case for no cost at all, including free shipping charges. According to us, although such mobile cases are not the same as an iPhone, it is at least something, which is better than nothing.

    To add to their consolation list they are also offering a whole variety of choices to those who are entirely unsatisfied with the whole deal and think that providing free cases is not enough. For them Apple is willing to give hundred percent refunds if they return the iPhone to them within a month of their purchase date. And since that month is not yet over that would imply that anyone who bought it will be eligible for the return. If you are thinking otherwise, a free case for your iPhone 4 unlocked handset sounds tempting enough. In fact it’s not a bad deal, right? Surely a case would eat away a little on the glam quotient but it would still be a lot easier for you as data transfer becomes faster than it currently is. In all probability, the case would be one that you will like, as has been the trend with Apple products.

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