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Moshi for iPad
  • Apple Gets rid of DUI Checkpoint AppsAfter a bit of poking and prodding from the government, it appears that Apple has finally agreed to get rid of apps that allow iphone 4 unlocked users to add the points in which there are DUI checkpoints in an effort to avoid the police while driving drunk. There were numerous of these apps that had been added to their app marketplace and had become quite popular with many other users. Research In Motion also came under fire after allowing some of the same apps into their marketplace. Research In Motion quickly removed the apps, but Apple appeared a bit reluctant to do so.


    Apple claimed that since the apps were not in violation of any of their App Store guidelines that the company could not remove any of the apps at that time. However, it appears that they have received enough of a backlash as a result of their decision to have the apps removed.

    Apple Gets rid of DUI Checkpoint Apps

    The request came from the current Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid. As a result of the request the company has changed their guidelines and added a section that specifically gets rid of the ban on DUI checkpoint apps. These apps will still likely be available to users that have a jailbroken phone.


    Specifically, the new guidelines state that apps that have DUI checkpoints that are not actually published by the law agencies that enforce them will not be allowed in their App Marketplace. This is a move that has likely been expected since the government first started calling for the removal of these apps. It is a little puzzling as to why Apple took so long to address the issue, but they did eventually give in to the plees.


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  • Up until this point, app rentals had not been brought to the mainstream, but t-Mobile and the gaming company Wild Tangent have teamed up to do just that. App shopping is definitely something that frustrates many because you never have the option to try the apps out before you purchase them. This can lead to a lot of apps that have been purchased without truly knowing what you are getting into. Now, T-Mobile and Wild Tangent are teaming up to do away with that.

    WildTangent Brings Game Rentals to the Forefront with T-Mobile

    They will be offering 25 cent rentals on apps that will allow users to have access to them for a short period of time to decide whether or not they are worth their purchase. This is much better than the screen shots and description that the developers offer up to would be customers. Instead of forcing companies to release a free version of the app it appears that Wild Tangent is trying to offer next to free styled rentals of these apps to get a better idea of what will be available.

    WildTangent Brings Game Rentals to the Forefront with T-Mobile

    Amazon’s app store recently tried to do something similar. Their test drive feature allows users to get a quick look at the app before purchasing it but does not work with every app and the features are pretty limited for the most part. Android currently allows users to return the app within 15 minutes of the purchase, and Apple’s unlocked iphone 4 allows for users to try apps out before purchasing, but no company has been able to successfully solve the problem in whole, which is what Wild Tangent looks to be doing with their games app on T-Mobile that will be available through the Android marketplace. This is a good idea but it would be much better if they were timed free rentals of these apps instead of 25 cents, which will keep many people from even trying it out.

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  • One of the biggest gripes that many users have with the iPhone 4 unlocked and other iOS devices is that they are forced to constantly tether their device to their PC to make changes to various settings, and make updates. Now, it looks as though Apple is finally bringing out a software improvement that will allow for them to give users more access to their features and settings without having to first connect their device to a PC. This goes a long with some of the other changes that the company have made to separate themselves and their devices farther from PC’s.


    You can now activate your phone as soon as you get it out of the box without having to first sync it to a computer. The company also allowed for updates to be sent to these devices over the air, which should allow users to update their software without first having to connect their device to a computer. This is good news for those of us that hate having to go tether the device to a computer every time that they are looking to update the software.

    Also, this should allow for users to sync their iTunes libraries through Wi-Fi and also means that they will not have to first connect their device to place new songs on their device. This is big news and should tie in nicely with the iCloud streaming music in the cloud system that they are releasing soon The company has made it clear that they would like for everything to be done wirelessly and have put a lot of time into making the iOS devices as independent as possible.  Their PC Free update and post-PC stance on the industry will continue to be reflected as they continue to release updates and new devices that have a large number of features available to

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  • Apple Releases Details of iCloud Music ServiceThe iCloud music service for unlocked iphone 4, ipad and other iOS devices is one that Apple has been talking about for quite some time, but has not released a great amount of details about thus far. Their new cloud based music service will get its first debut at the Worldwide Developer Conference, which will be taking place in San Francisco sometime next month. There are a number of other products that have been introduced that are similar as of late, including one by Amazon as well. Apple will likely have a number of deals in place with some of the largest record labels in the music industry.


    A number of sources have claimed to have inside information stating that Apple has been in talks with record labels regarding their iCloud music service for quite some time, which would echo the sentiments and estimations by many in the industry. There has been no information about which record labels they might be talking to but with the success of iTunes you can bet that the labels would be eager to work with the company at the drop of a hat.

    Apple Releases Details of iCloud Music Service

    Users will be able to stream music over the cloud directly through any personal computer, iPhone 4 unlocked, iPad, or iPod, which should help users to access music from virtually anywhere in the world. This will also allow them to create playlists, which will come in handy when they are in their car and in other areas where they are listening the music.


    The appeal of the service might be limited because of the amount of storage capacity that Apple already has on their devices, but that does not mean that they will not be able to find a large user base. This will certainly be an interesting service offered by Apple, but might be one to find the footing that they hope that it will.

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  • Twitter Launches New Web App
    Posted on May 16, 2011 by Pure Mobile

    Twitter Launches New Web AppTwitter has launched their new web app that features a redesigned menu that makes it easier for users to go between their Twitter feed and individual Twitter accounts. The mobile version of their website has already started rolling out. Not all users will see the new version of the site, but you can bet that people will start to see it across the board here soon. Twitter is known for rolling out huge changes very slowly to look for issues before throwing it in front of every user.


    The new design definitely shows an improvement over the previous design. The mobile site design of the web app previous to this was quite cartoony and definitely did not match the changes that Twitter has made on their main website.


    The native apps are still going to be better for the most part than using their mobile site, but this new design is going to be far less clunky and will be easier to navigate for a large bulk of their users. Web apps currently do not have the same access to the API catologue that apps and other platforms currently have access to. Twitter has stated that most users will see the roll out of the new site over the course of the next few weeks, with larger roll outs coming with each passing day. So far, it is being rolled out to users with Android devices, as well as a select number of users with unlocked iPhone 4, iPod Touch’s and various other devices in the coming days.

    Twitter Launches New Web App

    So far the new web app has been received with critical acclaim from users and media sources alike. It is a greatly improved design that is not going to cause the issues that users have complained about for a very long time. It is good to see that twitter has finally addressed this issue.


    PureMobile carries wide range of cell phone accessories and unlocked cell phone such as Motorola Atrix unlocked, HTC Incredible, etc..

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  • Atari Releases Greatest Hits on iOS
    Posted on April 11, 2011 by Pure Mobile

    Have you ever wanted to play your old favorite Atari games on your smart phone? There have been some titles that have been released that have been successfully ported or copied, but nothing quite like the recent release by Atari for iOS device such as unlocked iphone 4 and ipad. The company is releasing their top 100 greatest hits for all to feast upon. The collection is quite impressive, and should garner quite a bit of attention.

    They will also be releasing their iCade cabinet in June, which will turn the iPad into a virtual arcade console and should become pretty popular. Some of the titles that will be added to the collection that is being released by Atari.


    The new release will include 18 classic games that were released during the early days of gaming. The other games will come from their consoles. The app and all 100 games for cell phone will only cost $14.99. While that does seem expensive for an app, but with all of the content that they are delivering it is actually quite a good deal.


    Look at it as four different $0.99 packs of 25 games, if you are looking for a way to justify the price. Atari has made some of the most recognizable games over the years including the ultra popular Pong, 3d Tic Tac Toe, and Warlords.

    Atari is one of the top gaming companies of all time, and the fact that they are releasing such an interesting pack of games should draw a lot of attention. The response from middle aged gamers should be ridiculous, and will allow for younger gamers to really take a look at older games that they never got a chance to play throughout their childhood. Watch for these Atari games to continually garner a lot of attention from media sources as a result of this fantastic release.

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  • Are you a part of the jailbreaking community? Although Apple has tried their best to put an end to jailbreaking devices, a new jailbreak has surfaced for iOS 4.3.1 device such as ipad and iphone4 unlocked that will make that community happy. Up until now, the jailbreak has not been ideal because it would be undone anytime that handset was reset or turned off. This pretty much made it not worth the time of the user, but now it appears that a new jailbreak method may fix this problem.

    The new tool, titled redsn0w, will be able to jailbreak iOS 4.3.1 devices, and they will remain jailbroken even after they have been shut off. Of course, as with any jailbreak or hack, you have to use it at your own risk. This practice is not condoned by Apple, and they will refuse to support you with any issues that come as a result of a jailbreak.


    Make sure that you know what you are doing and have read enough information on the subject before attempting the jail break - especially if your phone is not currently under warranty. Make sure that if you attempt to unlock your handset to use with another carrier that you are not using 4.3.1, because there are no jailbreaks for that device that are working at this current time.

    There is already quite a number of articles that are out there and will help you to quickly and conveniently jailbreak your iOS 4.3.1 device like unlocked iphone 4, ipad and ipod. So make sure to read through them before making any serious attempts. It is in your best interest to be more cautious, especially since this jailbreak was just released and the ramifications and issues with it are not currently clear that this time. Also, look for user testimonials for your specific model of device before moving forward so that you can better troubleshoot any issues that you may have.

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  • Twitter Ends Ad Program
    Posted on April 1, 2011 by Pure Mobile

    A recent Google ad program that received a lot of attention has finally been ended by Twitter after a huge back lash took place after the launch of the product. The new ad system, titled Quickbar, but aptly named “#Dickbar” by Twitter users was quickly shut down by Twitter after receiving a lot of negative press and attention. The new bar only inserted ads into the stream of iPad and unlocked iPhone 4 users. Twitter was looking to put the ads up weeks ago, but thanks to internal testing they had been unable to get things launched as quickly as they would have liked.


    Some sources have stated that the “dickbar” was a mistake from the very beginning. The idea had been put together by a junior project manager and had not been approved by a leading executive at the company when it went live. Pinning the bar at the top of the app may not have been the best idea for the young junior manager, as the backlash resulted in a lot of bad press for the company.

    This move shows that twitter has not fully decided how they are going to be monetizing their service. Many users are going to be happy with the ad bar being removed from their app on their Apple iphone 4 unlocked. Now one has to question whether or not Twitter knows what they are doing in terms of magnetization. They have always had trouble finding ways to insert ads without insulting their uses, and this is yet another example of a failed magnetization attempt for the company.

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  • New Apple Television Coming Soon
    Posted on March 30, 2011 by Pure Mobile

    It looks as though Apple is looking to expand farther into the smart television market. They already have their Google TV product, which is set to deliver high quality streaming videos to users, and now it looks as though they are looking to bring a version of their iOS operating system to actual television sets as well. The new television set would be another market that Apple is looking to revolutionize is the same way that they did the tablet and smart phone markets with the unlocked iPhone 4 and iPad. Apparently, the company already has a working prototype of the forthcoming smart television.; The new TV would be able to automatically connect to their Apple TV service to provide users with video content quickly and easily. They could also allow users to purchase games that can be directly played through the TV.

    It is also thought that Apple would be looking to include DVR features, allowing users to to record television straight through the television. You can expect many of their more popular apps to be updated to work through the television, including their most prominent apps including FaceTime, which would allow users to video chat straight through the television set.


    If Apple were able to grab around 1 percent of the current television market, the TV could potentially earn them $4 billion each and every year. They may also look into creating several docking units that would add extra features to the television set.

    No matter what they decide to run with, Apple’s iphone 4 unlocked will be delving into an industry that it has not before and will be leading the way as they have in so many industries recently. Now that the word is out, look for other companies to begin developing similar products of their own. Apple tends to lead the way, but there is always competition close behind looking to capitalize on the attention Apple has brought to a new market.

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  • Google usually remains fairly tight lipped regarding the stats of their various applications. However, the Google VP, Marissa Mayer recently announced that the map service provided by the company now has more than 150 million users in total. That number is more than half of the people in the United States, and easily makes Google Maps one of the most used applications across the globe.


    The service has taken users on routes that total more than 12 billion miles per year. The latest build also allows users to use free GPS technology that previously would have required that users pay quite a bit of money for.


    When asked about how she felt about Google Maps for the unlocked iPhone 4 platform, she said that the company was looking for ways to roll new updates out to a broader audience, and said that it was something that they were considering and debating currently. This was a hint that the company has an app in the works that would allow users to use the google Maps app for the iPhone in the same way that they would use their current GPS device.

    Until iOS 5 makes its debut, I would not hold your breath on the possibility of the app making tis way to the iPhone4 unlocked any time soon. Apple has notoriously held Google products back in their app store, mostly because both companies are competing entities, and they appear to be taking their sweet time in reviewing the newest Google updates to their Maps application. With more than 150 million uses, you would think that Apple would be more than willing to roll out the new software, but then again they don’t want to grant anything to Google that they are not forced to. It will be interesting to see if these stats updates change the companies opinion of the Google company.

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