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Moshi for iPad
  • Apple iPad 3 Could Come This Fall
    Posted on July 14, 2011 by Pure Mobile

    Apple iPad 3 Could Come This FallThe popular technology blog DigiTimes released information on Monday that stated that the company Apple is looking to release the third iteration of their popular tablet computer, the Apple iPad, during the upcoming fall season. They also reported that the company is more than likely looking to add a second partner for manufacturing for the iPad line, after demands during the last release were not met by the current manufacturing company report went as far as to say that the current unlocked iPhone 4 manufacturing companies, which are Pegatron Technology and Quanta Computer, seem to be in the lead for the most likely companies to lay in the bed.


    I know rumors have been going around saying that the iPad 3. However the information that was released today seems to suggest that perhaps a device that is coming out this fall will not be the next version of the iPad, and instead will be slightly different version of the device with varying features compared to previous versions. Interesting to see what kind of grades the company has to offer when they released this newest version of a computer. They can be quite difficult to put together an estimate, without knowing exactly what the company is planning. Perhaps they will take a similar approach to the approach they have taken their smartphone, the Apple iPhone. Although, that you release new versions of the phone seemingly every year for the last few years, the company does not release the newest version. In fact, they seem to release only slight upgrade in between the releases of larger version upgrades of the device.

    Apple iPad 3 Could Come This Fall

    It will be interesting to see if they take a similar approach to the iPad that they have to the iPhone 4 unlocked. Apple seemingly has a stranglehold on the tablet industry, and if they can’t continue to produce minimal upgrades at a steady pace, will likely continue to buy the product. So far, that strategy has worked with them in other industries, and at this time there is no reason to think that it will not continue to work for them the tablet industry, a fast changing industry that Apple seems to be at the helm of.

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  • Apple Updates iOS to Fix PDF Jailbreak Loophole Recently DiscoveredRecently you may remember the exploit was discovered by JailbreakMe 2.0 that allow users to unlock your unlocked iPhone 4 with just a few taps screen. Well, it looks like those days are over as Apple has released a patch that fixes the PDF jailbreak loophole that was discovered some time ago. Just as Apple is to attack the PDF exploit that allowed users to jailbreak your phone with minimal effort, it appears as if JailbreakMe 3.0 is currently in development after rumors of JailbreakMe 3.0 service surfaced last week. However, there are other applications that are coming to the market as well that could solve a similar problem for users.


    One of the problems that Apple had with the loophole was the fact that it can be used for more dubious reasons as well. The loophole that allowed for the PDF document to jailbreak the iPhone, also allow users to grab your contacts database, access a number of the saved passwords on your device, and even activate the camera built into your device. These were serious security concerns that the company had, and it is easy to see why they rushed to patch up the loophole that was in place.

    Apple Updates iOS to Fix PDF Jailbreak Loophole Recently Discovered

    As of right now the company is asking all users to refrain from opening PDF documents until the update is rolled out. It may take some time for the update rollup for all users, as has become standard for most IOS update releases. it will be interesting to see how quickly Apple is able to rollup patch to fix the issue. So far the issue has mostly been used to help users to jailbreak their iPhone 4 unlocked, but you can see that it could be used for much more dubious methods at some point in the future.

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  • iMessage the Start to a Larger PlanIs the release of the Apple iMessage to start to a larger plan for the company overall? It was one of the most important releases that Apple first announced at the WWDC 2011. IMessage is that service that is looking like it will be one of the most used by IOS and unlocked iPhone 4 users on the whole. Although it is a very basic application, that works very similar to that of the Blackberry messenger, it looks as though this release might be the start of a much larger social initiative on the whole for the company. IMessage is able to do more than just send text messages, your favorite photos and videos, but also works with all of the IOS devices and could be the start of Apple releasing their own instant messaging. Their own instant messaging network would be really great, because then they can outsource it to larger social networks, which allow users to stay connected through the social network utilizing the instant messaging capabilities that have been provided by Apple.

    iMessage the Start to a Larger Plan

    Soon, the company could allow users to download in a message application for their desktop computers that would allow them to connect to users on their mobile devices. This is something that a lot of companies have attempted in the past, but none have really risen to the top of the market in the way that one would expect them to with this technology. Apple seems to have the upper hand in this case with a huge, already geared-in user base. While most mobile devices utilize other instant messaging networks including the AOL Instant Messenger, it looks as though Apple is looking to create its own instant messaging service that would allow the company to further expand upon the ideas that were first launched by research in motion when they release the Blackberry messenger for their Blackberry devices such as Torch 9800, BlackBerry Bold Touch 9900 unlocked. It will be interesting to see what kind of plans they have in store for the new system, and whether or not they’re looking to take it further than ever before.

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  • Apple iPhone 5 could Be Available for All Carriers in 2011Although at one point the Apple’s unlocked iPhone 4 was only available for AT&T, the device has been continually move forward to be available for various other carriers as well. Already, versions of the iPhone have been available on Verizon and other networks. Now, it looks as though the phone, in the very near future, could be available for many more carriers as well. A number of public statements from both Verizon wireless as well as Apple, has stated that there is no CDMA exclusive contract for the iPhone, and this means that other CDMA companies could potentially pick up the iPhone and use it on their own network. This could change later in the year, as both Sprint and T-Mobile will allow for users to purchase the iPhone five and use it on their network.

    Apple iPhone 5 could Be Available for All Carriers in 2011

    This is something that many Apple fan boys have been waiting for for quite some time. The ability to use the iPhone carriers other than AT&T, a company that did not receive all that raving of reviews for the service that they had provided to iPhone users, it will be interesting to see which networks are able to live up to standards that the users have set so high. The new iPhone4 unlocked, which has been done the Apple iPhone 4S, is a device that has been highly anticipated. While in the beginning will surmise that the device would have very meager updates in comparison to the previous versions of the device, it now appears that it will be receiving some very worthwhile updates. This, plus the fact that there is no CDMA exclusive contract between Verizon and Apple, the could see the phone available for many different carriers in a very short period of time. It will be interesting to see what kind of response the other carriers receive when they are finally allowed to start offering the iPhone on their networks.

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  • The web-based jailbreak has been something that Apple has been fighting for quite some time. The service, which is called, is one that allowed users to jailbreak your iPhone 4 directly from the web, without having to do any hardware or software updates their stuff. This is something that Apple is really fought against whom the very beginning, because it allows users to download apps for free which definitely cuts into their profit margins. You would think that they would try and find a way to stop jailbreak in, but after courts ruled the jail breaking a device that you purchased is completely legal, Apple has had to take a backseat in allowing things to happen instead, opting to increase their security for their devices to keep this from happening.

    Web Based Jailbreak Now Jailbreaks iPad 2 and All iOS Devices

    Although the service is not working for quite some time, they have just relaunched and are allowing users to use their service straight in Safari, the web browser for iOS devices, following the on-screen instructions and jailbreak in your phones. Within just a few seconds you will be able to have a completely open device.

    Web Based Jailbreak Now Jailbreaks iPad 2 and All iOS Devices

    This is the first widely available tool that will allow for users to jailbreak your iPAQ to without having to do some heavy-duty coating themselves. Tablet owners will be excited to find that they now have this option available to them as well. The service will also allow for other IOS devices including the Apple TV device, the Apple I., the Apple iPhone 3GS, the GSM unlocked iPhone 4, and other devices that they currently have available. It will be interesting to see if Apple fights back against the jail breaking for the new devices, but they have come up short in the past.

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  • The ability to monitor your blood pressure on the go is something that many people would like to have.  Now, it looks as if individuals with IOS devices, including the Apple unlocked iPhone 4 are going to be able to potentially monitor their blood pressure while out and about.  The newest device that was created by Withings will allow users to plug a blood pressure Monitor straight into the charging area of their phone.  Then they will be able to wrap it around their arm, it received their blood pressure straight on the iPhone.

    Blood Pressure Monitoring from Apple iPhone

    The blood pressure monitor was first seen at the consumer electronics show, and users are now able to purchase them on their own.  The device is going to be compatible with the iPhone, iPad, and the iPod touch.


    Blood Pressure Monitoring from Apple iPhoneThis will be great for individuals that have to constantly keep a monitor on their blood pressure as they are out and about.  Imagine being able to plug in a device straight into your iphone 4 unlocked and in to get your blood pressure to ensure that your health remains in check.  Then, the results of this device’s readings can then be sent to Google Health, as well as other health related websites which then forward the results to your doctor’s office.


    The device works almost as if it is any other type of blood pressure monitoring device.  It is very easy to use, and received amazing reviews at the consumer electronics show of 2011 where the device was first debuted.  All you have to do is load up the app, and then plug in the device, use it properly, just as you would any other blood pressure monitoring system and then read off the results.  You can also have the results e-mail to your e-mail so that you can track them over a period of time and keep records of your overall health to get your doctor.

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  • Apple Store Employee Aims For UnionWith so many Apple Store’s popping up around the world for its best seller unlocked iphone 4, it is no surprise that one of the employees is looking to create a union. The worker, named Cory Moll has been looking to create a union for himself and for other Apple workers at the store. He has stated that a union would allow for workers to receive increased wages, more and better benefits for the work that they put in and would also for them to better deal with the “unfair practices” that he claims that Apple is responsible for. This is something that a lot of employees have shared their sentiments on in recent years.


    He claims that he makes $14 per hour, but works much harder than his wage suggests. Moll has stated that he knows that his idea is a bit of a wild dream at the moment because there is not all that much support for it. He said that he did not believe that there was “50 percent or more support for it in any one store” but did go on to say that if the conversation were an open one, he believed that there would be a few stores that would be able to garner 50% of more favorship.

    Apple Store Employee Aims For Union

    Moll would also need to be able to get a majority of the workers on board with the idea in order to create a union. It would certainly help them to fight for their rights, especially with Apple being as large of a company as it is today. You can bet that Apple was not happy to hear that there was someone who was going through with the idea and looking for support at a number of different stores, although they have not publicly commented on the issue, likely so they do not draw additional attention to it.


    PureMobile carries wide range of iphone 4 accessories and macbook cases.

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  • ComScore States Android Continues GrowthComScore has announced something that most people that follow the mobile industry will already be aware of - the fact that Android has continued to grow at a quick rate and has been able to surpass some of their competition over the course of the last few months. In January of 2011, the Android operating system had just over 31% of the total subscriber base. Now, it has been announced that they have 36.4% of the total number of subscribers, leading to a 5.2 percent increase over that period of time. They are rapidly capturing market share with excellent device releases and updates that have attracted a lot of new users.


    Over that same period of time, Apple’s unlocked iphone 4 has also gained some of the smart phone subscriber base, moving forward 1.3 percent from January to April to a total of 26.0%. By that same token, the biggest loser over this period of time was undoubtedly Research in Motion. They saw their overall share of the Smartphone subscriber base fall an astounding 3.7 percent between January and April, falling to 25.7 percent and officially falling below apple for the first time in the history of the industry in this score.

    ComScore States Android Continues Growth

    Microsoft has actually seen the percentage of smart phone subscribers dip over this period as well, but many of these users are users of the previous Windows operating system for smart devices such as HTC HD 7, Dell Streak unlocked etc..which is being phased out so they are expected to lower over the course of the next few months while the user base of their main focus, Windows Phone 7 continues to grow.  In all, good news for Apple and Google, and depressing news for Research In Motion and other companies that have seen their numbers fall in the first half of 2011.

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  • iOS 5 To Debut New FeatursThe newest version of iOS, iOS 5 will bring a number of very interesting updates to the software that will ease the headaches and complaints that some users have had with the software in the past. Apple made the announcement at the WWDC 2011 conference. The announcement came from Scott Forstall, who stated that the more than 200 million iOS devices that Apple currently has across the world make it the number one operating system for mobile devices across the world, with a total of more than 44% of the total smart device market.


    They have sold more than 25 million copies of the iPad over the course of the last 14 months in all, which just shows exactly how much demand there is out their for their devices. First of all, one of the biggest updates that users will find is the new “notification Center” which will allow them to receive all of their messages just by swiping a finger down the screen from the very top to the bottom. This is great because it will allow them to receive more notifications without having to be interrupted regularly, which is why Apple did not make quicker moves to bring more heavy notification features.

    iOS 5 To Debut New Featurs

    Also, they will be integrating twitter directly into the iOS. This will allow users who use the camera and gallery to update their Twitter directly from the apps, which is huge for users that have had to clunkily move around the interface in order to post these messages on Twitter. Other popular new features include the ability to wirelessly sync your device without first having to connect to a computer. They will also be bringing their long rumored Instant messaging platform, i Message to the forefront which will allow for users on unlocked iPhone 4, iPad and iPod devices and will allow for them to sent text messages, photos, or even videos to one another in the same way that BlackBerry Messenger works.

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  • iPhone App “The Heist”
    Posted on June 2, 2011 by Pure Mobile

    iPhone App “The Heist”For users that have been a Mac user for quite some time, you have probably heard of a program called the MacHeist, which allows users to bundle programs together for a very low price. The Heist, an unlocked iPhone 4 app has been confused for Macheist but is a different beast entirely. The Heist is a unique puzzle game that is very in depth and can be very addictive. The app allows users to navigate through four different types of puzzles over the course of sixty levels on their way to beating the game, with future versions of the app looking like they could be on the horizon as well. The four different puzzle types all have different themes, which is part of the reason why the game has been so highly sought after. You would think that puzzle games had lost their appeal but it appears as if they are more popular than they have ever been.


    There is also a prize to any user that is somehow able to complete every level of the popular and challenging game. This has not been at this time, but you can expect someone to eventually break through all 60 levels to claim their price.

    iPhone App “The Heist”

    The game has been released by the popular game development company called TapTapTap that has released a number of other popular apps. One of their most recent apps that they released is the Camera+ iPhone 4 unlocked app, which is currently available for just $0.99 through the App Store. As of right now the app is the number one paid app overall, which is quite an impressive feat considering how popular some games like Angry Birds have become in the app store. TapTapTap is a company that prides themselves on the quality of the apps that they offer and will likely continue to release highly popular apps moving forward.

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