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Moshi for iPad
  • The Massachusetts Atty. Gen. Martha Coakley recently stated that she has had her iTunes  account compromised for IOS devices such as unlocked iphone 4, ipad by what she thinks are thieves, and is looking to Apple for answers on the breach. It is currently not clear how the thieves were able to get their way into her account, some believe that it may have been through an application that allowed the hackers to continue to steal her credit card information and go and make fraudulent purchases with that information. She brought out the attack during a speech that she was making at the Massachusetts Advanced Cyber Security Center, during which he stated that a number of companies quickly helped her through the process of dealing with stolen credit card information, but made it sound as if Apple did not play a part in the process. This comes as a bit of a surprise as Apple has made it there priority to improve the security of their devices and also allow their users more freedom. It is not currently clear what kind of reaction Google had when they learned of her credit card information being stolen.

    Mass. Attorney General Wants Answers following iTunes Breach

    The attorney general went on to say that you believe that the company had created a substantial risk of identity theft if people were able to get into account so easily. You can take security seriously want, but if people are able to get into your account by utilizing information stealing applications, then you have to do that there are always going to be issues with identity and other information getting into the wrong hands.


    There has been no public reaction by the company at this time, and they are expected to play close to the head. They likely did not want to address the accusations that she is made at this time and instead will do an internal investigation. It will be interesting to see how both companies continue to pursue this case and investigation moving forward.

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  • The Amazon Kindle is a device that they are really trying to create a full library like environment with. They now are linking up with more than 11,000 libraries across the country, and are going to be launching their lending service. This is a huge moment for the device that has become the most popular e-book reader in the world and continues to be a great seller for Amazon. There are more than 11,000 participating libraries across the country that are going to be using the new service that they are offering in order to bring more reading to users across the country. The e-book that you are going to be reading is going to be delivered to you through wi-fi or through USB. This is supported on any device that has the Kindle application installed and is going to be available for a number of different platforms including PC, Android operating system, Apple IOS such as unlocked iphone 4 & ipad, like Barry, and Windows Phone 7 devices.

    Amazon Kindle Now Has Library Features and Lending

    As of right now there are going to be no limitations on what you can borrow from the library title wise, and users are going to be able to see the real page number so that they are going to be able to synchronize notes. It is definitely something that many users are going to be interested in because it is going to provide a number of interesting features that are going to allow them to be able to read quite a bit more. Giving you access to these free books will definitely increase the number of people that are willing to utilize their new service. Amazon is looking to position themselves in the same way that Barnes & Noble has been as far as being able to utilize their huge reach to become a major player in the book space.

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  • Apple will be launching a listener since a version of the unlocked iPhone 4 for when they go to launch their newest device, the iPhone 5. They will be launching both of September, which means that users should expect even longer lines then were already expected as a result of the launch of the newest version of the phone. A number of anonymous sources have come forward to say that the new version of the iPhone 4 for will actually have a smaller 8 GB flash hard drive, rather than the hard drive that came in the previous version of the phone.

    Apple to Launch Cheaper Version of iPhone 4 With iPhone 5

    iphone 4 8GB

    Apple has outsourced the creation of the flash drives for the current models of the iPhone to a number of companies including Toshiba and Samsung. With the iPhone 5 launching in early October, the newest version of the unlocked iPhone 4 for launching in September should help many people to familiarize themselves with the device.


    This interesting development for the company and shows that they are serious about garnering even more market share with this release. The iPhone 4 unlocked is already the most popular phone in the world, and this should put them in a position to better their overall market share.

    Apple to Launch Cheaper Version of iPhone 4 With iPhone 5

    Apple has not yet officially confirmed the launch of this new device, but based on the parts that they’ve been sourcing as of late it seems to make a lot of sense. Apple has been looking at launching cheaper versions of their current devices for quite some time, and this release is something that many have thought was quite some time and making. Watch as Apple releases information about this release at some point in the near future. It will be interesting to see when they officially confirm the newest device that they have kept under wraps, surprisingly, over the course of the last few months.

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  • Although it is usually Apple that is doing the suing over various patents, the company is now being sued over the OS X. Fast boot feature that they released with the release of their new operating system for unlocked iphone 4 and other iOS device. The company that filed the lawsuit with a Florida-based company that goes by the name of Operation Systems Solutions. The lawsuit pertains to a patent infringement that they claim that Apple committed when they release the fast food feature for their OSx. Apple has sued a number of companies recently over patent infringement within the mobile community, but has not been the victim of too many lawsuits on their own. You have to be pretty brave to sue Apple, as they have a large legal team behind them as evidenced by the recent lawsuits that we have seen.

    Apple Sued Following release of OS X Faster Booting

    The company released a statement saying that the lawsuit pertained to the fast booting computer system, which included a self test and a quick check of the bios as it was the system begins to our own. It is clear that Apple infringed on the patent as the patent outlines the exact way that the feature works with the release of OSx. It also checks to see whether the configuration for the boot in the information of the system state is created while executing the normal voting process. This also stores the configuration information in the post operation, which is exactly how the OSx fast boot feature works.

    Apple Sued Following release of OS X Faster Booting

    It will be interesting to see if Apple responds publicly to this lawsuit, were they sweep it under the rug and do not address it publicly as they have done with so many previous lawsuits that have been sent their way. They have no problem addressing the lawsuits that they launch publicly, but often will refrain from publicly addressing lawsuits that are filed against them.

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  • One of the biggest gripes that many users have with the iPhone 4 unlocked and other iOS devices is that they are forced to constantly tether their device to their PC to make changes to various settings, and make updates. Now, it looks as though Apple is finally bringing out a software improvement that will allow for them to give users more access to their features and settings without having to first connect their device to a PC. This goes a long with some of the other changes that the company have made to separate themselves and their devices farther from PC’s.


    You can now activate your phone as soon as you get it out of the box without having to first sync it to a computer. The company also allowed for updates to be sent to these devices over the air, which should allow users to update their software without first having to connect their device to a computer. This is good news for those of us that hate having to go tether the device to a computer every time that they are looking to update the software.

    Also, this should allow for users to sync their iTunes libraries through Wi-Fi and also means that they will not have to first connect their device to place new songs on their device. This is big news and should tie in nicely with the iCloud streaming music in the cloud system that they are releasing soon The company has made it clear that they would like for everything to be done wirelessly and have put a lot of time into making the iOS devices as independent as possible.  Their PC Free update and post-PC stance on the industry will continue to be reflected as they continue to release updates and new devices that have a large number of features available to

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  • iOS 5 To Debut New FeatursThe newest version of iOS, iOS 5 will bring a number of very interesting updates to the software that will ease the headaches and complaints that some users have had with the software in the past. Apple made the announcement at the WWDC 2011 conference. The announcement came from Scott Forstall, who stated that the more than 200 million iOS devices that Apple currently has across the world make it the number one operating system for mobile devices across the world, with a total of more than 44% of the total smart device market.


    They have sold more than 25 million copies of the iPad over the course of the last 14 months in all, which just shows exactly how much demand there is out their for their devices. First of all, one of the biggest updates that users will find is the new “notification Center” which will allow them to receive all of their messages just by swiping a finger down the screen from the very top to the bottom. This is great because it will allow them to receive more notifications without having to be interrupted regularly, which is why Apple did not make quicker moves to bring more heavy notification features.

    iOS 5 To Debut New Featurs

    Also, they will be integrating twitter directly into the iOS. This will allow users who use the camera and gallery to update their Twitter directly from the apps, which is huge for users that have had to clunkily move around the interface in order to post these messages on Twitter. Other popular new features include the ability to wirelessly sync your device without first having to connect to a computer. They will also be bringing their long rumored Instant messaging platform, i Message to the forefront which will allow for users on unlocked iPhone 4, iPad and iPod devices and will allow for them to sent text messages, photos, or even videos to one another in the same way that BlackBerry Messenger works.

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  • Google Instant caused a huge splash when it was first released. The very idea of receiving real time updates as you typed in your search query scared the search engine optimization community and intrigued users. In the beginning, it was not clear if the feature would stick around after some users complained about it, but through the process of fine tuning the feature, Google has been able to put together a solid incarnation and will allow users to finally utilize Google Instant on Apple iPhone’s and other iOS devices. The Instant Previews feature is the only thing that we will be seeing on the unlocked iPhone 4 for the time being.

    The Google Instant Previews feature allows you to take a look at the look and layout of a Google search result page before making any kind of decision to visit the page. The feature has already been used on desktops for quite some time, and will work on the mobile devices in the same way that it always has for the desktops.

    Flipping from one preview to another will be as simple as moving through the thumbnails in the Safari browser. The new feature will be very convenient for Google and will allow Google to better serve mobile users who are notoriously tired of having to settle for outdated versions of their favorite search engine on their mobile devices.

    Perhaps the best part about this update is that there will be no download required. Google will slowly make the feature available to all users as they continue to test, unleashing the feature to select groups at a time. If you are in a rush to see the Google Instant Preview feature on your iPhone 4 unlocked handset, there is really nothing you can do but sit back and wait for the company to roll it out to you. So far there is no sign up process that allows you to opt in early for Google Instant Preview.

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