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  • As per their prior announcement, which they had released, Sprint has officially begun the process of releasing the HTC EVO 4G unlocked cell phone within this week. This update can be accessed by the users through an Over the Air update. Since an OTA is very susceptible to teething problems, it is a welcome bit of news that the customers will be able to get this update manually through the settings of the device itself where there is the option of the “HTC software update” However, since the users in the world are too impatient about this update, HTC has also decided to come up with another alternative to this issue. This other option will mean that rather than putting some tricked out ROM onto your machine, you can actually get this update This is rather simple as you can actually download the Froyo which is for the EVO 4G just by getting the software and installing it on our phone and the whole process is pretty easy and should not take much time.

    To begin the entire process we just have to place the file in the root of the SD card and then boot it into recovery mode. Following that, simply use the apply update .zip option or the install from .zip option, which ever you are shown and then the installation will happen on your phone and you will be all set to enjoy the Froyo  This is pretty self explanatory and takes absolutely no time to complete. With this update, you will have faster web access, support of Flash 10.1 and apps storage on your SD card and a huge collection of widgets that you can use. However in spite of all the positives, we would suggest that you wait for a few days before going for this update.

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  • Based on certain tip offs given to us by our readers, we found recently found out that Sprint had indeed stopped their facility which allowed the users to get over the air software updates for the Unlocked HTC ( EVO 4G ) which some users had earlier downloaded. It has been found out that there were in fact certain issues regarding the updates and in the light of these problems, HTC and Sprint together decided to temporarily halt the availability of this update.

    Up till very recently the updates were pretty easily available as several users had downloaded the update, however with the rate of complaints increasing, the company has decided to suspend the availability of the software update. In this relation we did speak to the people at Sprint who gave us an official comment. They said, “We have received a handful of reports from customers having some issues with the update. In light of this, HTC Unlocked Hero and Sprint have decided to temporarily halt distribution of this software release until we can investigate further.”

    Consumers too have expressed their anger and helplessness in this regard. One of our readers Osilliac told us that, “During my update my EVO just turned itself off. The status light is not even on while it was plugged into the charger. I tried turning it back on but it will not respond.”

    However there are certain conflicting reports too as some readers tell us that at times when you leave the phone as it is, even after it turns off, the update does get completed. This is however beside the point, as there are definitely certain issues with the download. Therefore, it is pretty logical that the consumer will get freaked out when their phone turns off suddenly.

    So do send us your questions regarding this and we too hope that it gets solved soon.

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