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  • Using A HTC Surround Unlocked
    Posted on December 6, 2010 by Pure Mobile

    In a world that is completely dominated by technology smart phones or android phones are certainly one of the most impressive inventions of recent years. Almost every phone manufacturer has now entered into this market and one of the newest is the HTC Surround. The look and the feel of this new smart phone are truly stunning and it has an extremely smooth finish that makes the phone feel extremely pleasant when held in the hand. Having a sleek and stylish design is paramount to a phones success in the current competitive climate.
    If you purchase an unlocked HTC surround handset, you will immediately realize that it is rather heavy. The phone actually weighs around 6 ounces, which is considerably heavier than many of the other smart phones that are available on today’s market, but it has many features that are the cause of the extra weight. The phone has some excellent Yamaha speakers that are skillfully hidden behind the screen. This unique android phone is also fitted with a handy kickstand that allows the user to prop the phone up while watching movies on the smart phone. When you are enjoying using the movie watching feature of the phone it is important to engage the SRS WOW HD and Dolby feature. Doing this will vastly improve both the picture and the sound quality. The sound quality that the speakers produce is far superior to any other phones on the current market.

    The screen is an impressive 3.8 inches and has an excellent resolution of 480x800p. This is as good as you can attain on any of the other touch screen phones today. The touch screen technology that is obviously paramount with any smart phone works well and the speed between different screens and applications is as quick as any of its competitors.

    All modern phones today must be equipped with a high level of multimedia features and the HTC surround unlocked phone is no different. The HTC surround unlocked has a very good 5 megapixel camera that is also capable of filming High definition video footage. Both of these features are relatively easy to master. The surround also has the obligatory internet access that allows you to link straight into FaceBook or Twitter to constantly keep your status updated. The phone also allows you to add pictures to your profile with ease. Overall, this smart phone is an excellent product and should be able to rival some of the bigger players within the market place.

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