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Tag Archives: galaxy siii

Moshi for iPad
  • By Aldo Panessidi

    There’s a rumor- spotlight shining on a different area of technology redesign right now – materials used for device cases. Reports have it that Apple has a new “Liquidmetal” alloy for its next iPhone 5, and Samsung is working on a ceramic main body for its upcoming Samsung Galaxy III S smartphone.

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    Apple is reported to be replacing the current iPhone’s glass case with a Liquidmetal alloy that will make the case both thinner and lighter. Liquidmetal is also supposed to significantly improve the case’s durability.

    It seems Apple has had this change in the works for awhile. Back in 2010, Apple acquired the rights to the “amorphous metal alloys” that Liquidmetal Technologies had developed. Not long after that, Apple was looking for engineers to work with the material.

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    We should have confirmation on whether an iPhone case made out of Liquidmetal will be in our hands soon. According to South Korea’s ETNews, one of their sources reported that the next iPhone should be unveiled in June at the Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference in San Francisco.

    The South Korean news site also announced that the Samsung Galaxy S III smartphone will feature a ceramic main body, giving that phone a lighter weight and more comfortable grip. The ceramic material is manufactured with a new method for applying heat to a non-metallic inorganic substance. The Galaxy S III is scheduled to be unveiled in London on May 3rd.

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