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Moshi for iPad
  • Virgin Mobile is a company that has been changing the way that they do business, and with the opening of their Halifax store they are really making changes to the retail model of their company. Previously, the company was all about the kiosks that they open in malls and in various upscale areas. Now, it looks like they are looking to open physical locations for their retail stores for starting in Halifax.

    Virgin Mobile Opens Halifax Store and Offers $100 per Smartphone

    Along with the opening of the new store, the company is also offering $100 off for smartphone purchase by user, with a limit of one phone per user. This is going to be only available to users in the East Coast, and only two members of the Virgin mobile carrier. You already have to be a member at the activating a new phone on their service in order to receive the discount. Included in this discount is the new unlocked Samsung Galaxy S II 4G.

    Virgin Mobile Opens Halifax Store and Offers $100 per Smartphone

    There are many different phones that will be included in the sale, but the best way to get in and phones that are available or can walk into the new store and poke around. The store is going to have a number of different fields other than the smart phone to you as well, so you might be able to put together a good idea of the number of different deals that they have. You might be able to save quite a bit of money by checking out the deals that they thanks to the opening of their retail store.


    This move suggests that perhaps the company is looking to change the way that they do business. As a company that worked mostly on kiosks in malls and various other locations, the change to retail stores shows that they are looking to make a number of changes as a result of the changing global environment. The business has changed substantially over the course of last few years and you can expect more companies to make changes like this one in the future.

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