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Tag Archives: Docking Accessories

Moshi for iPad
  • By Adhurim Murtezai

    Gadgets are great. Snake pits of cords are not great. Neither aesthetically pleasing nor safe for the more clumsy set, cord management is yet another developed world problem that technology companies are anxious to solve with more gadgets and accessories.

    So in a world that is not entirely wireless, where on earth does all this techie stuff get plugged in? How does your workstation not turn into Borg-esque maze of clutter (am envisioning the desks of our sales engineers and internal tech support guys)?

    Toshiba Dynadock Front and Back

    Well, this is solved with laptop accessories by companies like Toshiba. Brilliant as ever, the tech company developed docking accessories that both address the cords and the clutter created by your gadgetry habit and feeds the addiction for the latest and greatest at the same time. The dynadock U3.0 universal docking station will thrill multi-taskers with an impressive six USB ports. Two of those are USB 2.0 and the other four are USB 3.0 to accommodate various users’ needs. This means you can charge your smartphone, media player, tablets all at the same time. And this can be done without have to turn your computer on or even have the computer connected to the docking station.

    Beyond that awesomeness, there is high speed data transfer with a Gigabit Ethernet connection and a built-in digital video card. For the hyper multi-tasking crowd, this translates into support for up to two extra monitors.

    Once the sheen of Christmas’ tech toys has waned, this amalgamation of function and fun will be available (towards the end of this month) and will retail for a reasonable $180.

    Not quite as glamorous, but also useful is Toshiba’s USB 3.0 Mobile LED Monitor. This is a great option for those with just a few extra devices and accessories (or for those that need more USB ports than the docking station offers). The monitor will be light, widescreen with good resolution and anti-glare coating.

    Keep posted on availability of this innovative option as it is likely to hit the market in April and don’t be shy to add a media player or tablet to your inventory since these can help manage them!

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