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Moshi for iPad
  • What is JailBreaking?
    Posted on January 25, 2012 by Pure Mobile

    By Mitch Stevens

    Since the release of the first iPhone in 2007 I have been jail breaking the iphone. I have been caught up in conversation many times about the ability of the iPhone. When I referred to the iPhone it's often hard for me to perceive it without being able to include the many Cydia applications I use with the wonderful IOS operating system.

    JailBreak iPhone

    Many people have often looked at me as if they were very confused, and say.  What is jailbreaking? This is the single most question I am asked when discussing the iPhone. I have thought long and hard on the simplest way to explain jailbreaking to a person who does not understand what it is at all about.   To this nd, I have crafted the following jailbreaking overview So I have tried to think about this as elementary as possible to facilitate reader  understanding.

    Jailbreaking allows the iPhone or other  idevices such as the iPad and iPod user more freedom. When Apple developed the iPhone in their mega-billion-dollar factories, the developers, at their own discretion determined what we could and could not do with our iphones. That is a decision , I do not agree with that in any terms.  Like many people I paid for this product with my personal money and believe  that I should be able to decide on changing its appearance or the sounds it makes when it rebooting.  Yet in  2008 or 2009 jailbreaking your iPhone was declared illegal.

    JailBreak iPad

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    Jailbreaking allows the user to download third-party applications from a store called Cydia. In this store many developers have been denied the chance to sell their application in the  ” Apple store".    Many of the applications in the Cydia store are better applications than many I have downloaded from the Apple store.  That being said these applications are hosted on repositories which are sources in the Cydia store.  These applications have gone through a screening process as the Cydia operators are stand up characters and would not ruin their reputation by enabling  applications that are unethical or damaging to your device.

    Cydia Logo Apple iPhone

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    I have often had many people argue that they were afraid to download the applications from Cydia because they weren't signed from Apple.   There is a huge open source environment on the web... wherein different developers collaborate together to create new or enhance existing application with more powerful features.  As such, just because an application does not originate from Apple it does not mean it hasn't been fully screened or the code has not gone through an extensive testing process to filter or eliminate viruses.

    Many of the applications from Cydia are just small tweaks. Such as, being able to swipe the status bar to open what's called SB settings.  Inside Sbsettings you can control Bluetooth, reboot, and much more. This is just an example of some of the applications that are available in Cydia. Also in Cydia you can download themes for your idevices. What I mean by theme is you can change the physical appearance of the iPhone. Whether it’s the size of the icons or the color of the status bar and much more. Needless to say, the question, What is Jailbreaking?  could revoke a 500 page book. I'm trying to do it in just a few paragraphs. So to putt short and sweet. Jailbreaking allows the user to download third-party applications and themes.  This will allow the user to use their phone however they wish. If you want to open the settings menu by swiping the status bar, that can be accomplished. There are many great applications and tweaks inside Cydia. Since this article is about what is jailbreaking? I am going to include a few must have applications from Cydia.

    Top Must Have Cydia Applications :

    ·        SBswitcher  a tweak for iOS which will basically add a new pane over the multi-tasking pane, which will allow you to bookmark nine of your most-used apps. Now this new pane will allow a very quick access to all your favourite apps.  This app also gives you an easy access to a few of your System Settings. Bundled with its core feature, this app is definitely worth $0.99.  Props to the developer Tolani.  He has added in the release notes that this tweak is not yet available for iPad but should be soon.

    ·        Activator-Free- add gestures to open application.

    ·        Infiniboard-$1.99Vertically scroll the springboard.  Addis many applications as you wish to each page. No limits

    ·        Packagebackup-$7.99 Simple way to save your Cydia application in one centralized location.  Should you need to do are store simply do so with a couple clicks.

    ·        iFile $4-Great way to SSH into the device without connecting to a computer.  Do things such as change icons to much more advance task.

    ·        Springtomize$2.99- This application has over 50 tweaks inside it.  You can change the color of status bar, size of icons, change carrier, and more.

    ·        Winterboard- FREE This is how you add themes to the device for changing its physical appearance.  You can also add themes to the lock screen, change reboot sounds. This application is free however many of the themes are paid.

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