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Tag Archives: Blackberry Bold Touch 9900 unlocked

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  • RIM QNX Looks Great
    Posted on August 25, 2011 by Pure Mobile

    The Research In Motion QNX BlackBerry is a device that has been highly anticipated and has continued to allow the company to put together an exciting device that could help them to regain some of the market share that they have lost throughout the years. This new device is one that is going to really bring them back into the forefront. It will be sold by a total of 225 carriers from around the world. This will allow them to offer their phones to in an entirely new audience. Included in these new phones will be the Blackberry seven phones which will include the Bold, Curve and Torch models.

    RIM QNX Looks Great

    With Research In Motion launching these new unlocked Blackberry seven smart phones across the globe, it will be the final batch that will feature the smart devices as they have been seen recently. They have been losing market share at a steady pace and have continued to operate in a way that has not allowed them to better suit the needs of customers.


    However in this newest line of smart devices, they are putting themselves in a position to aggressively target the market that they have lost. In the past Research In Motion has been seen as a company that has only made devices for the business crowd, and they are looking to continue to cater to the business crowd while still also garnering a personal use on. This new line of phones will allow them to have a better idea about both, and will also allow them to aggressively expand to new markets if they so desire.

    Blackberry seven phones

    So far, analysis companies have been a bit confused as to what the future looks like for the company. They have been putting together a large number of different devices for their upcoming push to regain market share. It will be interesting to see if they are able to be successful moving forward.


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  • Research in Motion has been in contact with a number of the most popular record labels in the world discussing a possible agreement that would allow him to launch a music service of their own. A number of the world’s most popular mobile companies have already been in discussions with the world’s largest record labels regarding how they can put together a music service for their mobile devices such as unlocked Blackberry Bold Touch 9900, Bold 9780, etc.. It is rumored that Research In Motion is looking to utilize these deals with record labels to launch a BBM Music service for their subscribers. The application was first noted a few months ago that it could be an application I was embedded within the messenger give users the ability to purchase and share music with their friends. It is estimated that this application would cost users around $4.99 per month.

    Research In Motion Talking With Record Labels, Music Service Coming Soon

    Now that it has been confirmed that Research In Motion is working with a number of the largest record labels, you can bet that this technology may be making an appearance in the very near future. They are reportedly signed with as many as two different record labels including Universal Music Group, as well as Sony Music Entertainment. These deals alone would give them access to some of the world’s most popular bands and artists and would allow for their users to have access to some very interesting music. There are also reportedly in discussions with Warner Music Group and EMI Music.

    Research In Motion Talking With Record Labels, Music Service Coming Soon

    It is good to see that Research In Motion is constantly updating their applications and are looking for new ways to bring functionality to their users. The market share that the company has lost in recent years is being a driving force for the company as they look for new ways to bring additional functionality to their users in a way that makes sense. Since the BBM platforms are something that is used by a majority of their users, you can bet that they are looking to quickly and efficiently update their service.


    PureMobile carries wide range of cell phone accessories and unlocked Blackberry phones such as Curve 9300, unlocked Torch 9800, etc..

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