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Tag Archives: Barnes And Noble Announces New Version of Nook

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  • Barnes And Noble Announces New Version of NookBarnes and Noble has announced the newest version of their popular Nook device, and to say that the device is a serious upgrade over the previous version of the eBook reader is a huge understatement. The new version of the device will completely replace the previous version now that it is released. The device has also now received a touch screen, which was not previously available for the device. It will have an on screen keyboard which will make it convenient for you to look up different words or to take notes on what you are reading as you read it, which is a huge feature for the NOOK.


    It will only have one button, while its competitor, the Kindle has nearly 40 buttons in all, which should make it fairly easy for new users to use. It will also have double the battery life over the recently released version of the Kindle. There will also be a number of other features that will take it up to the next level including a much better page transitioning process that won’t be so hard on the eyes or hard to understand for some users - which was one of the biggest issues with the original version of the software.

    Barnes And Noble Announces New Version of Nook

    The device will also have a Wi-Fi connection and will allow users to use the device in conjunction with their social networks. To start, the device will allow users to make book recommendations on their social networks to friends that might be interested in it. It can also connect to Facebook and allow users to share information through Facebook as well. The new eReader is one that will be enjoyed by those that have a hard time using the tough interfaces that are found on the Kindle and will also provide new features that have been asked for by those that use the device. The NOOK is truly the next step in the eReader evolution for the company and it is good to see that they addressed some of the main problems that were reported with the device previously.

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