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Moshi for iPad
  • Starting 7th June, AT&T has decided to get rid of its unlimited data Smartphone transfer plan and introduce different plans. The current $30 unlimited Unlocked Smartphone plan is soon to be depreciated with AT&T claiming that its new plans would be more affordable and more appreciative for people that make use of the internet on a regular basis. So what are these plans and are they really beneficial? We have analyzed them and give you the lowdown on what you really need to know about these plans.

    DataPlus: Under this plan, AT&T plans of giving around 200MB of data transfer for $15. AT&T representatives claim that this plan will be sufficient for more than 65% of their Smartphone user database. In case you should choose this plan and go above the limit of 200MB, additional charges of the same amount for every additional 200MB will be charged.

    DataPro: AT&T states that nearly 2% of its Smartphone users go over the 2GB limit of this plan. Charged at $25 per month, additional charges are $10 per GB.

    There are even talks going on at AT&T  that claim those users wishing to have tethering on their DataPro plan can do so at an additional charge of $20 per month. This effectively results in you being able to share around 2 GB of data flow between your Smartphone and laptop for around $45 per month. Not bad, should you require the internet for simple mail checks. But there is a 5GB data transfer plan available for around $60 and together with tethering; the entire package costing $75.

    Although you might not like any of the new plans that have come into existence, the new rates are much more user friendly allowing many AT&T Quickfire Unlocked Phone subscribers to now leverage the complete power of the internet and Smartphone. Of course, you could still decide to stick with the unlimited $30 data plan currently available.

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