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Tag Archives: Apple was sued again

Moshi for iPad
  • Apple Sued By 27,000 over Privacy IssuesApple as a company has been sued by over 27,000 South Koreans who are concerned with privacy issues that the company has failed to deal with within the company. The 27,000 individuals sued the company pursuing the company because their collective private location data, as was reported by numerous media sources yesterday. The group is looking for a total of 1 million won per person. That comes to a total of just about $25 million total, after the Korean Communications Commission fined Apple a total of $2829.


    The fine came after the Location gate scandal that happened earlier in the year. This scandal included Apple tracking the location of everyone who used their devices and having it stored in their databases. It was a big deal at the time, and Apple likely probably thought they were out from under all of the scrutiny, but it looks as though there are still some that are upset with the privacy issues that they experienced.

    Apple Sued By 27,000 over Privacy Issues

    Apple as a company has to buy its claims that there location tracking issue was the result of a bug, and was not done purposely by the company. They were able to fix the bug in the software update, and that put an end to all of location tracking issues that many users were having. However, by that time all of the damage had already been done in the locations of all of their different users had already been tracked by the company. It will be interesting to see if they are able to win a lawsuit as the only previous payout that the company may was a nine hour and $45 payout to a Korean lawyer named Kim Hyung-Suk following the scandal. The device has been one that had had a problem worldwide, and this is one of the first lawsuits that come through the pipeline.

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