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Tag Archives: Apple Sued For Selling Refurbished Phoned in China

Moshi for iPad
  • Apple is falling under a lot of scrutiny lately, and the fact that they have been sued for selling Chinese individuals refurbished phones without detailing the fact that they are Kurdish will likely be another thorn in the side of the company. They have been accused of selling refurbished unlocked iPhone 4 as if they were new to vices and the various Beijing Apple stores. The lawsuit will include many different people and will be helmed by consumer rights advocate Wang Hai, lesbian involved in a number of very high profile cases over the course of the last few years."apple"

    The phones were sold as if they were completely new devices, but then when purchasers were that the manufacturer warranties expire in less than one year from the date of purchase that they figure out that they were actually refurbished devices. The lawsuit also claims that when one user to their own back to the Apple store to confront them, stack of the store trying to confuse them by altering the warranty date."Apple-China"

    In a statement that was released about the lawsuit, Wang stated that he felt that Chinese consumers have been discriminated against because reverse cell phones were sold to them. He stated that these phones are available in other countries at a reduced price, and felt that Google had knowingly misled consumers in China. Tricking consumers into buying refurbished phones as if they were brand-new is definitely something that would leave Apple liable, and it will be interesting to see how the company reacts to these accusations. A number of other consumers throughout Beijing have come forward to claim that they were tricked into purchasing a refurbished unlocked iPhone 4 and will be taking part in the lawsuit. Apple has yet to publicly respond to the lawsuit, but you can expect them to address this issue at some point in the near future publicly.

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