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Tag Archives: Apple Reaches Top Smart Phone Vendor With 140% Growth

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  • Apple as a company has continually impressed with the growth that we have seen in recent years. They have been able to put together an excellent amount of growth, and have reached the top smartphone vendor in the world position, posting 140% growth over the course of the last year. the company had been the number one in the world as far as profit goes for quite some time, but a markets analysis firm by the name of Strategy Analytics, that have gone on to release the second quarter smart phone numbers in regards to shipments. The release by the company show that Apple has the new top position in the market after shipping a total of 20.3 million smart phones over the course of last quarter. This number was up more than 140% from the 8.4 million phones that they share during the same quarter last year.

    Apple Reaches Top Smart Phone Vendor With 140% Growth

    Of course this can be attributed to the release of new devices, and a lull in the releases last year. It still, represents a very interesting shipping amount for the company that has grown at an amazing rate over the course of the last few years. Another company that showed significant gains over the course of the last year was Samsung. The South Korean company was able to get into the number two spot with a huge 520% year over year growth after shipping 19.2 million smart phones last quarter. Nokia, the former leader in the market fell to the number three spot and shipped only 16.7 million smart phones in the second quarter of 2011. Apple has continued to raise the popularity for their unlocked iPhone 4 and other devices and other countries than America and continues to raise the number of phones that they ship on a quarterly basis. At the very least it will be interesting to see if this growth continues into next year.

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