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Tag Archives: Apple iPhone 4 unlocked

Moshi for iPad
  • Apple Loses another Prototype in a Bar
    Posted on September 5, 2011 by Pure Mobile

    Apple has lost another prototype in a bar, which may bring the memories in the past from when they did the same thing. It is not known exactly why these prototypes have been lost in the bars, but it is apparent that Apple employees are meeting with one another at these locations that are accidentally leaving behind prototypes of some of their most popular devices. The most recent unreleased unlocked iPhone 5 prototype that was found in a bar was lost in the bar Cava22, a very popular bar in the San Francisco area. It was reported that Apple quickly tried to recover the device, and the phone was quickly track to a house in the San Francisco area.

    Apple Loses another Prototype in a Bar

    Apple Loses another Prototype in a Bar

    They were able to get to the house and find a young man in his 20s who had been in the bar earlier. The man, after being questioned and not knowing about the phone despite the fact that outlaws were not for the phone and also offered a no questions asked deal that would allow him to sell him the phone and never have to deal with any legal ramifications as a result. The phone was then later sold on craigslist for a total of $200 to acquire that turned out to be unknown. It is not currently clear house source knows of the sale, but it is clear that the phone did eventually end up on craigslist for a total of $200. If Apple continues to lose prototypes of their favorite devices in the bars I frequent, you can bet that they are going to have a hard time with being allowed to remove the protons from the company in the future. There have been multiple problems with these type of issues, you can bet that Apple is going to look for ways that they can nip this in the bud and continue to go about business as usual.

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  • Both New York and Washington DC will be rolling out their new PLAN emergency alert system that will inform users when there is something that they may need to worry about. They have been testing the system over the course of the last few weeks on a weekly basis. As of right now, the system has never been used in an actual emergency while they test things out. But, they have announced that the alert system will be going mobile in New York City and Washington DC this year. They will also be going nationwide by 2012.

    The system will give you a notification as soon as an emergency happens that will allow for you to prepare for any emergencies that are happening in your area. The push notifications are great because you do not have to open any apps to see the emergency messages as soon as they are sent to you.

    A GPS will probably be used to help them determine where you are in order to deliver the messages that make sense for you. The push notifications that they use will be great because it will allow for people to be notified as soon as there is an incident in the city that they are in. The push notifications have been confirmed to be using the actual location of the device such as unlocked Apple iPhone 4 and not just the number that is attached the device to determine who sees the messages.


    The notification system will be used only in case of safety threats to the population, presidential announcements and in some situations amber and missing persons alerts. This will be the fastest, easiest way to notify unlocked iPhone 4 users when someone has gone awry and they would like for all users to have an understanding of the situation around them in their area for their own well being.

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