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T-Mobile rolls on with its 3G Network

T-Mobile has added three more towns to the relentless build of its 17000MHz 3G voice and data services network and shows no slowing down as we roll out of 2009 and into 2010. These services are now available in a number of markets across the United States under the influence of T-Mobiles electronic web.

At the moment the major markets and their surrounding areas in the TM network's empire include Seattle, San Francisco, Philadelphia, Las Vegas, Orlando, Los Angeles, Sacramento, Atlanta, Chicago, San Diego, San Antonio, San Diego, New York, Phoenix, Portland, Austin, Boston, Dallas, Houston, Miami, Minneapolis, Baltimore and Las Vegas among others.


Recently the there have been three newcomers to the network, Amarillo and Abilene Texas as well Albany Georgia. There are comments on the internet that T-Mobile is still being to slow in their drive to supply the United States with high-speed internet but when they do finally extend their coverage people will find it was worth the wait.

They are also making big plans for 2010 when they are going to continue their 3G upgrade to HSPA+ giving them a 21mbps capability as well as release a number of android 2.0 devices.

But T-Mobile is of course aware that most of their customers really want to know the where and when of HSPA; and they are hinting that with Christmas coming up and the latest 3G announcements, they will be elaborating on that point very soon. They have, apparently been laying out aggressive plans for 7.2 mbps HSPA deployment through all 3G spectra by the end of the year.

In the meantime there is still the outdoors as well and real people to speak too in the flesh before everybody is reveling in high-speed internet and unlocked Smartphone heaven. Be content in the knowledge that T-Mobiles upgrades will be aggressively pursued until they are covered countrywide.