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T-Mobile Launches BlackBerry Bold 9700

T- Mobile has given the busy business executive a new tool. That tool puts a gadget equipped with cutting edge technology at the fingertips of any such top executive, or any business person on the move. That gadget is the BlackBerry Bold 9700.

The person who invests in a BlackBerry Bold 9700 can feel confident that he or she will manage to keep up with the ongoing changes in the business world, even while forced to stay away from an office desk.  As long as the purchaser of this new gadget has access to BlackBerry data service, he or she can cease to worry about what might be happening, while filling the responsibilities that go with the enjoyment of a loving family.


Those who long to handle one of the new Bold 9700 “tools” can choose between two different purchase plans. One plan, costing $199.99 is called the Even More plan. The person who pays for that plan must also agree to a two year contract. The second plan comes with no annual contract.

However, the second plan is much pricier than the Even More plan. The reason for the price increase becomes evident in the name of the second plan: “Even More PLUS.” The absence of contract obligations represents an important part of that PLUS.

Of course no plan has the ability to help the owner and user of a Blackberry deal with one important drawback to any hand held device. It becomes almost impossible to hide your attention to that device while you are taking part in a family oriented activity. Perhaps the next announcement targeting BlackBerry owners will offer information on a tool that one can use quietly and unobtrusively while associating with friends and family.

Until the unveiling of such a device, the business world welcomes the Blackberry 9700.