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T-Mobile Holiday Roadmap Leaked With Dates

Many of the cell phone carriers are secretly planning for the lineup of cell phones they plan to launch over the holiday season. Somehow the T-mobile lineup has been leaked and we are now privy to all of their plans for the next few months. For the month of October they plan to launch a total of four new phones and in November they plan to double that by introducing eight additional new phones by November 2.

For a quick rundown of the timeline, the following is the information that we were able to receive from reports online. On October 19, T-mobile will be releasing three phones from three separate manufacturers, an HTC such as unlocked HTC Raider, a Samsung, and a Huawei. From there, we are set to see another release by Samsung on approximately October 26.T-Mobile Holiday Roadmap Leaked With Dates

On November 2, T-mobile is set to release 6 phones all at once. We are not 100% sure what the exact models will be but it's fair to say they will conclude the lineup for the remainder of the holidays. There will also be to additional releases in November but it is speculated that one will be a tablet and the other a low-end phone.

It is important to note that the documents leaked are somewhat old. Given that things change often in this industry, you can expect some slight variation from the noted schedule and the types of phones to be released. So don't take this information as fact but merely speculation and to provide a general outline of the mobiles plans over the next couple of months. If you're in the market for new cell phone such as unlocked Samsung Galaxy Ace and maybe an idea to keep note of this information and use it during your buying process. For all you know it can help you get a few extra bucks off with a competitor when you can mention what's planned by T-mobile.