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T-Mobile Expands 3G Network into Indiana

On Wednesday, November 25, 2009, T-Mobile announced that it has expanded 3G network services to two cities in Indiana.  Bloomington and Lafeyette are the targeted markets.  These two markets are home to Indiana University and Purdue University.  Together both areas boast over 100,000 students, making these academic areas a great place to start services.  The folks at Notre Dame are hoping to be next!

T-Mobile began its expansion into the 3G market back in the fall of 2006 with its announcement that it was going to spend over two billion dollars to expand 3G wireless services.  T-Mobile was one of the last of the major cellular services companies to enter into the 3G network.  The company announced at that time that they should be completed with the conversion by the end of 2009.

t-mobile-logoWith the introduction of the Android model and other smart phones, T-Mobile has been trying to quickly add as many 3G network areas as possible.  With T-Mobile still lagging behind the other companies, they are well on their way to catching up.  Each week we see more and more cities being added to the network.  To date, T-Mobile has over 240 cities with 3G coverage.

Most people have the need for the 3G network for web applications and email applications.  The increased speed of the 3G network will assist the customer in their day to day applications and usages.  T-Mobile has also announced its usage of 7.2 mbps HSPA through its 3G networks which will increase the speed of data transfer.  This expansion will continue until the end of the year.  This coincides with the introduction of the Android and other smart phones.

We can look to next year for the company to upgrade its 7.2 mbps HSPA to further enhance its 3G network and there is also speculation that this upgrade will be a smoother transition to a 4G network in the near future.

The announcement of the two cities in Indiana comes on the heels with announcements for Alabama, Kansas, Tennessee and Nebraska.  Each announcement centering on larger urban areas with more dense populations.  We will continue to see additional cities being listed almost every day.