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T-Mobile cautiously resumes Sidekick sales at lower prices

In the aftermath of its server crash, T-mobile resumed the sale of its Smartphone Sidekick at lower prices.

T-mobile, a subsidiary of Deutsche Telekom and having GSM operations in Europe, Asia and USA with a user base of over 350 million subscribers, resumed selling its Sidekick cell phones at cheaper rates. Sidekick 2008 will be sold at $ 49 while Sidekick LX 2009 will be sold at $149 which is down by $ 25 from $175.

t-mobile-logoIt is notable that on October 1, Sidekick users lost data functionality while some users faced personal data loss. During the server crash, people were asked not to let their cell phones switch off or face data loss. During the server failure, contact numbers, pictures, calendars, notes, tasks and other personal information of several Sidekick users was lost.

This sent a panic wave among the users who had their data hosted on the cloud. However the services were restored on Oct 8, some users were still coming out of the hit.

Microsoft Corp’s data centers were hosting the Sidekick data when the failure struck. Media reports say that Microsoft had hired Hitachi to upgrade a portion of its servers when something went wrong. Microsoft didn’t keep any backup of data.

Some lawsuits were also filed against T-mobile and Microsoft. T-mobile tried to compensate the affected users by $ 100 gift cards.

T-mobile Sidekick models are among the most desired and niche cell phones in the market. The flip out screen with the full keyboard is really great for text messaging.

The question remains whether Sidekick will able to strike a chord with the customers again. This failure raised a question not only on the role of T-mobile and Microsoft, but also on the reliability of the concept of cloud computing.