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Suspected Samsung Galaxy S5 Announcement Gives Big Hints

Samsung is preparing to announce..something. No one is saying officially what is coming from Samsung but the obvious contender is the highly-anticipated Samsung Galaxy S5. The new smartphone from Samsung is no doubt on the way, but the question is when with rumours suggesting everything from tomorrow to sometime in April. Seeing as that is something of a liberal timeline, I won't take too much credit, but the February 24th date does fit within it. So with that, let's decipher the invite.

By the looks of it, if this event is indeed dedicated to the Samsung Galaxy S5, this invite could be giving us a quick look at what to expect from the Galaxy S5's user interface. The actual icon titles may be inconsequential, but some could related to the new device. For one, it is expected that the Galaxy S5 will be faster. Other terms are far too general to really extrapolate any further.

Based on the invite, what else could we see? Perhaps Samsung will try to right its wrongs with the Samsung Galaxy Gear and make a more fitness oriented smartwatch. One thing is for certain, Samsung is expected to deliver big things this Summer. Whether or not we hear about the Samsung Galaxy S5 this soon, or we have to wait, PureMobile will be ready with reviews, guides, and accessories for this flapship device from Samsung.