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Sony Ericsson U1i Satio Idou Review

Just in time for the holidays, Sony Ericsson’s U1i Satio Idou is a marvel among the latest wave of touchscreen smartphones. Priced at just around $700, the Satio Idou is far from cheap but for those who have done their research and know what they want in a handheld device, it is sure to prove a lucrative investment.

The Satio provides as many features as any phone currently on the market (including wifi, FM radio, video capability, Symbian Operating System, Bluetooth compatibility, memory card apparatus, stereo sound, Google Maps, GPS, MP3 and voice activation) but its most remarkable feature is its camera—the only of its kind to contain 12.1 megapixels.

Sony has boasted the Satio to be, essentially a hand-held entertainment system. It serves as a multimedia player and processor that enables you to record videos, watch movies, listen to music and take photos—all of which may either be share directly via internet or uploaded onto your PC. It is also compatible with all major internet applications.

Other than the price, which may prove a bit steep for some, the only potential downfall for the fully-loaded Satio may be that it is a bit too clustered. The menu, which consists of only three keys, can be a bit misleading in that it may take a while to navigate its multitudinous functions. On the other hand, it is remarkably compact for such a complex instrument. Weighing-in at about 126 grams and about 112 x 55 x 13 mm, The Satio is the virtual world collapsed into a device that can fit comfortably inside of your pocket.


Efficient, portable and sophisticated the Satio Idou is a fine work of electronics that promises to give consumers the most bang for their buck.