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Sony Ericsson - Christmas Come Early for Consumer

By Megan Fleet

Just in time for the holidays, Sony Ericsson’s Xperia cell phone line is bolstered with the release of its Xperia Active hits the online retailer scene to make electronics shopping all the easier on consumers.   If it doesn’t need to be tried on or taken for a test drive - buy it online! Will save on gas (eco-friendly shopping), make pricing comparisons a breeze, and pair bundling suggestions with featured mobile device accessories for stocking stuffers.

Prospective consumers will be pleased to read that Sony Ericsson is making this Android smartphone available online as unlocked cell phone allowing user the freedom to choose their proffered service provider and service contract that best meets their lifestyle needs . North American  carriers make this handset guru widely available for use in both Canada and the US. Eschewing exclusivity is the way to warm this writer’s heart as it shows a greater concern for Sony Ericsson customers over the giant telecommunications carriers.

Sony Ericsson’s line of smartphones is powered by the Android OS holds the majority share of the mobile device market for a reason. So if the Experia Active is sold out or doesn’t meet the aesthetic tastes of the consumer, there are plenty of other mobile product options to choose from including tablets, MacBooks, iPods and a plethora of innovative protective solutions and premium electronic accessories from the industry's most leading brands.

Sony Ericsson - Christmas Come Early for Consumer

What’s more, the online retailers such PureMobile are able to offer an astonishing array of brand name accessories designed enhance the user experience, and optimize the power of your mobile devices.   These superior accessories accentuate your personalities, allowing, darling divas to add protective cases and designer skins to a cell phone; while providing the pragmatic business men to turn his devices into a power tools with select accessories specifically designed to make your devices functionally efficient and performance rich. All this without the hassle of the mall… Happy holidays indeed!