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Sonim's Rugged Accessories Available On PureMobile

Sonim is a maker of the most rugged phones and phone accessories. Specializing in phones that are designed to survive just about anything, Sonim designs phones built for industries such as construction, oil, gas, chemical operations, utilities, forestry, agriculture, and defense. In addition to being physically strong, Sonim phones feature applications such as push-to-talk, man-down safety services, and mobile resource management. But, with any great phone comes great accessories. PureMobile carries several official Sonim accessories including cases, chargers, and belt clips. Check out below to see what PureMobile is carrying and a review of just what exactly they are capable of.

Sonim Car Charger

This charger features a compact and durable design with a custom-designed 3.5 mm jack. The cord for this charger is a coil cord that extends up to 10 feet, making it usable from a decent range. This charger is designed to provide your Sonim device, and its high capacity battery, with a rapid charge.

Sonim Travel Charger

A charger can be just a standard device to power up a battery unless it has some serious power and durability behind it. With the Sonim Travel Charger that is exactly what you will get. The quality design allows for a tough charger that can power up Sony batteries quickly and consistently so you get a long lasting charge. It also has a long cord that allows for maximum reach in order that the device can be powered from farther away.

Sonim Belt Clip

This custom-designed belt clip is built to provide the best grip on your phone. This belt clip also allows you to access all the keys buttons and ports on your Sonim phone.

Sonim Rugged Utility Case

If you are looking for a case that is going to keep your Sonim XP1 and Sonim XP5520 Bolt phone protected, this case is the way to go. Not only does it offer a rugged look to it, but it is durable allowing you to get the protection you need while offering a simple design to it. This belt clip offers a 180 degree rotation system which allows you to insert and remove the pouch with ease. The magnet front flap and snap buttons allow for adjustability so you can use this case with a number of other phones and in different positions.