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T-Mobile not compatible with Unlocked Verizon BlackBerry Storm

Do you have an Unlocked Verizon BlackBerry Storm 9550 and have suddenly been facing certain problems in regards to some BlackBerry services? If so, then you are certainly not alone as reports have shown that users of unlocked versions of Verizon’s BlackBerry Storm have had their services mysteriously disabled. While it is still not certain as to why such services have been cut off, we believe that a single group has initiated this disable. It’s anybody’s guess as to who has cut off the service, whether T-Mobile, RIM or Verizon. Although some users have been able to get some form of data transfer working over EDGE, the main problem lies with the service books, which are mainly used for communications between RIM’s servers and the carrier. The Verizon BlackBerry Storm is also fitted with a SIM card slot that can be used for roaming n any 2G networks, even though it is primarily a CDMA mobile. This clearly shows that T-Mobile is now concerned with people also buying their phones and not just their services. Any support tickets that people submit to T-Mobile are simply answered with an inadequate “not our phone, not our problem”, which frankly if you ask me is just rude.

While such a type of blacklisting is not something that is characteristic of T-Mobile, it is similar to Verizon, which used to not allow GPS functions so that they could then only work on the subscription navigation plans of Verizon. While we are still guessing, it is possible that RIM and Verizon wanted to prevent any defectors for T-Mobile. There have been certain reports from users claiming that Verizon is not at all involved in such issues as Verizon and Vodafone are getting ‘friendly’ to the point that they are both interested in having this scenario work for them. We are still waiting for any official confirmation from T-Mobile on the issue.