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Simple Mobile to launch with $40 unlimited voice plan?

Simple Mobile, a new Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MVNO), has hit the market with its crazy rates of $40 for unlimited voice plan across US.  Simple Mobile launched its operations with SIM card plans for GSM users. The three plans it has offered are; $40 for unlimited talk plan, $45 for unlimited talk and text messages and $50 for unlimited talk, text and web costs.

For $40, Simple Mobile offers unlimited local, long distance and 411, voicemail, caller id and call waiting. For $45, it offers unlimited US and Global text in addition to all services for previous plan. For $50, Simple Mobile offers mobile web, IM, MMS, email and social networks up to 20MB in addition to all services for previous plan. Users can double their data to 40MB for another $5 per month. That’s good enough an offering.

The wireless prepaid market is getting stiffer with the introduction of Simple Mobile’s unlimited plans. Some other carrier is expected to follow soon with better or equivalent plans.

Simple mobile offers a collection of 6 simple handsets (Alcatel Tribe OT-800, OT-363 and OT-303, Nokia 6030, BlackBerry Pearl Flip, and Motorola RAZR). About 180 other models too can run its services.

The users don’t need to sign any contract nor have their credits checked. Simple Mobile provides porting facility from other numbers upon request. The company will assist users whose handsets need additional programming. Customers can activate their own GSM handsets with Simple Mobile plans.

On its website, Simple Mobile provides a coverage map and it seems it is operating on T-mobile network. But it might be coincidental too.

There are certainly many customers out there waiting for no contract and unlimited plan. May be the present prepaid carriers have something to worry about now.

One thought on “Simple Mobile to launch with $40 unlimited voice plan?”

  • Texafornia


    Does anyone have this service with an unlocked iphone? I'm wanting to switch over from T-mobile. I was told that these companies don't always have a good connection (e.g., busy talk times). Is this true? I just don't want to spend $200 breaking my phone contract and not be guaranteed phone service all the time. Any suggestions?