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Show Me The Money!

Report: Android Apps Make Only 24 Percent As Much As iOS Apps

Show Me The Money!

When the sun never set on the British Empire, prisoners were being shipped to Australia as prison labor. Ship captains were paid by the government to transport these offenders – paid by the number of prisoners on the ship when leaving Great Britain. The result? Overcrowding, malnutrition, and death.

The government needed this free labor to tame the harsh continent, so how did they change the behavior of the ship captains? They changed the incentive. When ship captains were compensated based on the number of prisoners who arrived in Australia alive, conditions improved almost immediately and the labor source was preserved.

Apply this concept to application developers in the 21st century and the continued popularity of iOS with those developers becomes a lot clearer. When reviewing the number of mobile devices activated every day (550,000 Android OS vs. Apple iOS’s 450,000), logical math should lead developers to Google Android for increased consumer traffic, and in turn, revenue. Much to Google chairman Eric Schmidt’s chagrin (although he is in denial), app developers continue to create their applications with iOS in mind. Discover the innovative protection solutions which allow you to protect your devices from scratches and blemishes with our stylish top brand bags, sleeves and cases. Tough on the outside, sweet on the inside brand name protection accessories combine complete device coverage with sleek artistic expression.

Why? The money is with Apple devices. And Apple’s device accessories are more uniform and easier to develop for as well. When Flurry Analytics was reviewing analysis between the two platforms, the comparisons were sharp. Samples of in-app purchase data (those apps with more than a million daily active users that are available to both iOS and Android users) showed that the Google Android applications produced a mere 24% of revenue compared to Apple. Enhance your mobility.... turn your device into a power tool. Discover select accessories, such as, stylus & pens, SD memory cards, data cables, chargers, batteries and other premium electronic accessories specifically designed to make your devices functionally efficient and performance rich.
Show Me The Money!
But before jumping off the Android App Train, keep a few things in mind. Flurry didn’t release the details on what sample size was or other details of the analytical measures. Also, it was only in-app purchases tracked – not paid downloads. So while not conclusive, these numbers to point to potential motivation behind developer projects… And with iOS representing three-quarters of new projects started in the past six months, Google is figuratively still receiving a lot more dead prisoners. If they can change the motivation for developers, Android users will have the best of both worlds: unlocked phones, top of the line apps, and a powerful OS in their smartphone. Let trend setting fashionable accessories express your unique style! Our extensive array of award-wining design protective cases and skins deliver modern style, stunning design and smart protection. Make your mobile devices stand out. Customize your look - how cool can you be?