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Save 20% Off Fitness Accessories With PureMobile

Dust off those runners, get the bikes out of the garage, Spring has arrived and PureMobile wants to help you get back out on the tracks, trails, and bike paths in style. So how are we helping? Simply navigate over to our site, choose your favourite accessories from our Fitness section, use our fitness2014 code, and save 20%. Just like that. To get you excited, we have chosen three of our favourite Summer accessories. Take a look, check out our store, and don't forget the coupon!

Griffin MiCoach Adidas Armband

Branded with one of the strongest names in fitness, Griffin's MiCoach Adidas Armband for the Apple iPhone 5 is one of the highest quality armbands out there that is made for mobile devices. Easily listen to music while keeping your device dry. The built-in key pocket makes it easy to keep track of your keys. Take this lightweight armband out for a run today!

Otterbox Pursuits 40 Dry Box

Is biking, canoeing, or hiking more your thing? The Otterbox Pursuits 40 Dry Box is a must have for those going into hostile territory with important devices and documents in tow. This waterproof box protects maps, phones, and other water sensitive materials while you are in nature. A definite must-have for your inner-survivalist.

Plantronics Backbeat Go 2.0 Bluetooth Headset

Some of smallest and lightest earbuds, Plantronic's Backbeat Go 2.0 Bluetooth headset is a legit fitness headset. This amazingly light bluetooth headset slips in and out of your pocket and thanks to its tangle free cord is ready when you are when it comes time to run. In addition to music, answer calls with ease using built-in controls and listen comfortably with three different sized ear buds.

Now, don't forget our special fitness2014 coupon to save 20% off these items and many more in our dedicated fitness section. This deal runs until May 12th and applies only on products in the fitness section.