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Samsung’s Galaxy line sells 50 million devices worldwide

By Aldo Panessidi

Samsung has done well with its Galaxy series, and it has another round of numbers to confirm it. With more than 50 million Android phones sold all over the world, Samsung has reason to gloat. They’ve racked up some impressive sales numbers with just a few well-designed and well-received devices.

Samsung’s Galaxy line sells 50 million devices worldwide

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The Galaxy line has created a dynasty to rival the royal Apple family. Samsung Galaxy S sales hit 24 million in two years. Then the Galaxy S II outperformed its ancestor with 28 million sales in 13 months, making it Samsung’s fastest selling device ever. Now add 8 million more sales since late February and there’s no sign of S II’s momentum slowing. Well maybe its progeny Galaxy S3 will have something to say about that. It’s already racked up 9 million pre-orders.

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Samsung Galaxy Note had a nice showing, too. In a world where you’re either a tablet or you’re a smartphone, this hybrid carved out a 7 million-unit niche since its debut in October 2011.

The statistics released didn’t cover the entire Galaxy family. It would be nice to see how the poorer relations, Galaxy Ace and Galaxy Y, fared. The next couple of months are going to be very exciting for everything Samsung.