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Samsung kicking Apple to the curb

By Aldo Panessidi

A new, bolder Samsung is working on building its own loyal legions of fans. Lately they’ve been doing everything right: building great cell phones like the Samsung Galaxy S3, Galaxy S2, Galaxy S2 X, Galaxy S2 LTE, Galaxy Nexus and the Galaxy Note and Galaxy Tab tablets.

Samsung has put out some entertaining commercials showing lines of iPhone-obsessed hipsters who’ll buy anything Apple because they think it makes them look cool. While those commercials were definitely fun, Samsung is sending a big message:  Samsung’s products are cool because they are extraordinary, not because they are “Samsung.”

In order to take a chunk out of Apple’s market share, Samsung knows it needs to redefine the way its products are viewed by consumers.  The head of Samsung marketing Younghee Lee told AllThingsD in an interview awhile ago,” Especially in U.S., people are obsessed with Apple. It’s time to change people’s attention.” Lee said Samsung knows it has to figure out how to “engage with consumers from the bottom of their heart, and not just be a big and functional and rational and reasonable brand.” Samsung is looking to create an Apple-like fervor for its products.

Samsung kicking Apple to the curb

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It looks like Samsung is starting to accomplish its mission.  Lines formed outside of a few London retailers earlier this week in anticipation of the release of Samsung’s Galaxy S III.  The lines are nothing like the ones formed by Apple devotees, but they are lines nonetheless.

Se the latest Samsung video:

The global launch of Samsung’s Galaxy S 3 is off to an impressive start. It’s getting the attention of the mainstream media, the blogosphere, and social media. Samsung leads the global smartphone market for numbers, now we’ll see if they can create frenzy for everything Samsung.