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Samsung Galaxy S5 Finally Announced

Samsung has finally announced the new Samsung Galaxy S5 and it's got some things we really like, and some things that we think are somewhat par for the course. The phone makes some marked improvements in terms of pure power, it's camera, and it's well-implemented fitness apps. But, with that said, it feels like a case of been-there, done-that when it comes to the fingerprint scanner, lacklustre finish, and the gold colour option found on the Samsung Galaxy S5.

First of all, the good. This phone is super powerful. It features a 2.5GHz processor, quad-core Snapdragon processor. This is a sublimely powerful device that is powered by a 2,800 mAh battery. While that isn't a huge improvement, the software, Android KitKat 4.4 for those wondering, features some intense battery saving features that kick in when the battery does get low, ensuring you get great endurance from the power source. In addition, the Galaxy S5 features some new sensors including the aforementioned fingerprint scanner and the new heart rate monitor which is built into the camera flash. This will be a big add for fitness freaks. One last grand addition is the ability to combine the power of LTE and Wifi to give your phone super-speeds for large downloads.

Now, where my complaints are is that the Galaxy S5 didn't really shock anybody. There wasn't really a killer feature that changed the game. They piggybacked off the success of Apple's TouchID, and didn't really spice things up looks-wise with the dimpled back cover. So, while Samsung did up the ante power wise, I feel we got a lot of the same with the Samsung Galaxy S5. A phone that is powerful, yet falls behind on exciting, innovative, and creative features and continues to play second fiddle to the inspiring iPhone line up from Apple.