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Samsung Galaxy S5 Abandoning 4 GB RAM

We don't know when, where, or how, but the Samsung Galaxy S5 is coming. Samsung's not-so-secret bun in the oven is expected to be the new flagship for legendary company, but it may not be as powerful as originally anticipated. There had been rumours circulating that the device would feature components never before seen in a smartphone, but now we are starting to hear that those hopes may have been premature.

The big rumour in regards to the Samsung Galaxy S5 has always been that the phone would feature 4 GB of RAM. We are now hearing that this may not be true, as it is very likely that the Samsung Galaxy S5 will feature just 3 GB of RAM. While that is something of a standard now, we were very hopeful that Samsung would go the extra mile with the Samsung Galaxy S5, but maybe it was too soon to get our hopes up.

With that being said, the Samsung Galaxy S5 is still expected to be a very important device and a strong follow up to the very successful Samsung Galaxy SIV. Here are some more specs that may or may not be part of the new Samsung Galaxy S5:

  • SnapDragon 800 Processor
  • 32 GB Internal Storage
  • 18 Mega-Pixel Camera
  • Curved Screen