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Samsung B3310 Review – The Social Networking Phone

The Samsung B3310 is primarily designed for social networking. It features a slide out full QWERTY keyboard, direct access to Facebook and MySpace, is affordably priced, and comes in the prettiest pink. The applications that come with the phone help to an active social life well organized.

The full-QWERTY keyboard on the Samsung B3310 makes composing email and sending SMS messages a snap. It slides out of the side and the screen adjusts so the images stay upright. Having direct access from the home screen to the social networking sites, Facebook and MySpace, enables constant chatting with friends and updating of pages with ease. The unlocked Samsung B3310 also supports sites like Flickr to share photos.  Photos can be taken with the 2.0 Megapixel cameras that are built into the phone. The camera also has video capabilities.  The phone book holds 1000 entries and there is a 30 number call log.


For personal pleasure, the B3310 has an FM radio and can play MP3, WMA, and MIDI. The 40 MB of memory can be expanded if more storage is needed. The phone is Bluetooth compatible for hands free talking and the battery holds a 5-hour talk time charge.  It is also considered lightweight at 100g with the battery. Standard time management applications are included like a calendar, alarm clock, and voice memo.  In addition, there are the necessary time wasters like games.

The Samsung B3310 comes in black, blue, green, and pink.   This phone is for serious social networkers who are young or young at heart. Most QWERTY phones are in the higher price range but the Samsung B3310 is in the entry to mid-level range.  This is because this phone is not designed for business applications.  It is designed primarily for fun and keeping up with friends and family.