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Samsung A137 Review: Affordable & Functional

The clamshell-shaped and rather sturdy-looking Samsung A137 may be cheap but it delivers. This very functional phone from Samsung is very useful when you always need to send text messages, instant messages and even email to your friends, coworkers, and family members. You can even talk to your friends through its speakerphones –especially useful when driving or when you got your hands full.

When you wake up in the morning, there is no more need to wait for the weather forecast because your phone is also a barometer. It does this by checking the local weather and will give you the weather forecast for the day in just a few clicks. If you are a baseball or basketball fan, you can check team scores through your Samsung A137 unlocked as well. Now that is something. Apart from that, if you are planning for a night in the town i.e. watching a movie, you can also consult with your Samsung A137 for movie listings provided to you through Samsung’s Media Net.

samsung-a137The downside is, it looks a bit dull. There is no screen on the outside and no snapper. The screen is a rather low-resolution one so it is not fit for those who are used to having huge screens for their mobile devices.

You cannot download MMS through this phone so it would be the best choice if you were looking into purchasing phones for your kids. You will no longer have to worry about high bills for video and image messaging.

It does not have an MP3 player either. No FM radio and there is no USB port. This however is a cheap phone and can function very well when it comes to regular messaging. Whether it is for you or for your kids, it is a reliable and cheap choice.