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Sony Ericsson Receives Reviews from FCC

Sony Ericsson Receives Reviews from FCCThe unlocked Sony Ericsson (txt pro) phone that has been the talk of a lot of recent news stories, has been examined by the FCC. The FCC review and examination process is one that is mostly secretive, and not much is revealed about what they look for mobile devices. Many of the manufacturers usually choose to keep the majority of the information regarding the details and features of the device confidential for the screen by the FCC, in an effort to avoid leaks that we’ve seen in the past. The device has already been the subject is a huge Facebook advertising campaign, one that allowed a certain number of users to get their hands on the device early, so long as they would agree to review it on the official Facebook fan page for the Sony Ericsson txt pro.

Sony Ericsson Receives Reviews from FCC

As the name suggests, the Sony Ericsson txt pro unlocked was mainly targeted toward those that text on a regular basis. It has a slide out keyboard similar to that of the sidekick, and is laid out in a way that should make texting intuitive and easy to do. This is something that a number of manufacturers have done in recent months. Creating niche-based phones for certain subsets of users, allows them to make cheap phones that still appeal to the users that they are looking to target. The Sony Ericsson txt pro has been fairly efficient this. The phone also has a GSM 850/1900 bands that will make it compatible with both AT&T and T-Mobile. However, the phone could be limited to those carriers and may not see a release on other carriers at any point in the near future. It will be interesting to see Sony Ericsson releases another version of the Sony Ericsson txt pro should this one become popular. It is based toward a subset of younger individuals, most likely high school-age, so we may not know the full ramifications of the release of the device and the new school year.