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Review of the HTC Dream

The release of the HTC Dream marked the debut of Android technology, with the exception of a T-Mobile model that was previously available only in the US.  While not the most sophisticated smart phone out there, many will find its large, responsive touch screen and quick operating speed on the Android platform to be more than acceptable.  On the front face below the touch screen, are several buttons including a trackball and core keys for easy navigation and calling.  Located on a slide underneath the touch screen you will find a full service QWERTY keyboard with five rows of keys that have a nice feel and are well spaced.  A 3.2MP camera with auto-focus is included on the phone, but a flash is missing which can make a good picture hard to get unless the lighting is just right.  The Dream's display is crisp with a resolution of 320x480, which is great for everyday use and the touch screen is highly responsive to touch and accurate as it should be.


Internet connectivity appears to be one of the HTC Dream phone's strongest attributes, with quick response on internet browsing, downloads and even receiving GPS signals where many other devices lose connection.  While the Wi-Fi connectivity can prove to be handy, it can seriously cut into the battery life if left on constantly, a source of many grumbles across the web.  Chances are you do not need the internet connected at all times though, and in that case, the batteries life can be well extended.  The browser can view most websites in HTML and has Java support, leaving the only websites that cannot be viewed as ones running FLASH.  The HTC Dream has certainly opened the door to Google's Android platform, proving that despite a rather low internal memory Google can create software to run a device much more efficiently and quickly than other developers have figured out.  Depending on your needs in a SmartPhone, HTC Dream may be just the right combination of large touch screen with accurate keyboard and fast internet connection.