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Another Playstation Phone Video Surface

The Playstation Phone, also known as the Unlocked Sony Ericsson (XPERIA Play), has been seen in a number of videos over the course of the last few months. Now, another video of the highly anticipated phone has surfaced online, showing an individual playing BioHazard 2. The early impressions of the phone are pretty sweet. Although some have argued that it appears to be underpowered for a gaming phone after frame rate tests suggested that it put out a lower frame rate than the  iPhone  and other top of the line smart phones, the game that was played in the video looks great, and appeared to run very smoothly.

The hardware that the phone features has not been released yet, but sources have confirmed that the company is looking into bulking up the phone to make it more powerful. In the video, the games that the user was planning had to be loaded through an app called ROM buddy, which allows you to play ROMs on Android devices.

Even though the games were not originally designed for the XPERIA Play device, they still looked very good and were responsive to the phones controls. It is surprising that Sony is the first company to target gamers with a smart phone release that comes complete with a controller. Although gaming has been very popular on phones like the iPhone 4 unlocked and popular Android offerings, the genre’s of games suffered from a lack of a comprehensive control. Controlling a first person shooter on a touch screen can be very difficult, and the XPERIA Play should open up a variety of different types of games to users. Although no information regarding price or release dates has been put out by Sony at this time, it appears that the development of the phone is going into overdrive, especially with all of the unofficial videos showing its use out there.