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The EVO 4G released

Although you might have heard of the fact that there are many different hacking communities all over the Internet having been able to obtain unrestricted administrative rights for the unreleased version of Sprint EVO 4G, nothing was officially released. But now with the newly released Unlocked  HTC ( Evo 4G ), you can make sure that you have in your hands one of the best smart phones around. Just released for sale in the United States, the HTC Evo 4G has been taken issued to the mobile carrier Sprint and is available on a two year contract for a price of just $199. At an additional cost of $10, you would be able to add data as well to your two year contract. Complete with an on-screen presentation of 480 x 800 pixels and the 4.3 inch TFT screen, you can make use of the eight megapixel camera along with the inbuilt flash to record high definition videos. With a fixed width 512 of RAM and an internal memory capacity of 1 GB, you also get an included 8 GB external memory card together with the 1.3 megapixel front camera.

While rumors are also doing the rounds on the internet that it is possible you can get the device for $140 through Wirefly, you are advised not to as the amount of trouble you have to spend on it is too much. At the same time, if you do go to the Wirefly website to purchase the HTC Evo 4G , you would realize that there is actually no mention of the extra $10 you would have to pay for the 4G service, irrespective of whether the service is available in your area or not. Frankly speaking, it is best that you get the HTC Unlocked ( Evo 4G ) together with Sprint as it can save you much ado.