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PureMobile's Valentine's Day Gifts For Men

PureMobile is gearing up for Valentine's Day! To share the love that is sure to be floating around, PureMobile has prepared 24 deals on products for men, and 24 deals on products for women. The PureMobile Insider Blog will cover both sets of deals over the next two weeks and show you just how showing some love can save you some money on some great smartphone and tablet accessories. Up first, here are 24 great gift ideas for Men on Valentine's Day.

Griffin Survivor for the Apple iPad Mini in Black

The Griffin Survivor for the Apple iPad Mini is hands down one of the best protective cases for the scaled-down iPad. In addition to a built-in screen protector, this rugged case protects your tablet from bumps, drops, and shocks using its shock-absorbing core. The Griffin Survivor is a superb case for Men and a great gift for Valentine's Day.

iSkin Exo for the Samsung Galaxy S4 in Black

This case from iSkin is radically designed accessory that is sure to protect your Samsung Galaxy S4 from whatever comes your way. The Exo's unique ribbed design is built to protect your phone from drops and other assaults that one can bring upon their smartphone. This case protects all the vital areas of your Samsung Galaxy S4, including the corners. For your special someone on Valentine's Day, the iSkin Exo is a superb choice for your significant other.

dbrand Full Body Wood Mahogany for the Apple iPhone 5S

dbrand uses only high quality materials to construct their uniquely coloured and textured vinyl skins. This skin, constructed using authentic 3M Vinyl, is made for the Apple iPhone 5S and features a unique look and feel that makes you believe your phone is backed with real mahogany wood. This case is a very popular seller and makes a great gift for Valentine's Day 2014.