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PureMobile's Top Three New Accessories

PureMobile likes to be first when it comes to the hottest new accessories and 2014 has proven to be no different. With the Consumer Electronics Show and, soon, the Games Developers Conference, it'll be full steam ahead in the world of tech until the E3 Expo in June. In the meantime, PureMobile has added some the coolest and most in-demand accessories from these events and is ready to show you what companies like Incipio, MiPow, and Moshi have coming in the very near future including touch sensitive phone covers, lightbulbs with Bluetooth speakers, and colour-coded bluetooth notfication lights. Check it out and get ahead of the game with PureMobile accessories.

Moshi SenseCover For Apple iPhone 5/5S

Moshi's SenseCover is a revolutionary cover for the Apple iPhone 5 and 5S. Featuring SensArray technology, the cover supplements your touch screen, while protecting it at the same time. Keep your screen covered while answering calls, interacting with alerts and checking the time without increasing the risk of damage from whatever life throws at you creeping between you and your Apple smartphone.

MiPow PlayBulb Bluetooth Speaker

The MiPow PlayBulb Bluetooth Speaker is one of my personal favourites. The PlayBulb is a bluetooth speaker built into an everyday home appliance, a lightbulb! This speaker is controlled using an app, available for both Android and IOS, and is as discreet as it sounds. Control the music without the bulk, looks, or wires of speakers around your home and creating a talking point for every party with the PlayBulb!

Incipio Prompt Bluetooth Notification System

The Incipio Prompt Bluetooth Notification system is a truly 21st-century answering machine. When paired with your device, see colour-coded alerts for when you receive a call, text message, email and much more. This device is handy for those who don't want to be glued to their phones while they are at home and is a truly unique and forwarding thinking accessory from Incipio.