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Product Review : Incipio LGND

Incipio's LGND case for the Apple iPad Mini is a very versatile and unique case. I recently got this case for my iPad Mini and after a few weeks it became very clear to me just how awesome this case is. With a bunch of different viewing angles, a protective shell on the back and a smooth finish inside, this case nails it as one of the better Apple iPad Mini cases.

First things first, this case allows you to do so many things with your iPad Mini. Open and close the cover to protect the screen. Prop it up with multiple viewings angles to get a good look at videos and apps. This case does it all and does it with a unique design and a low price.

My only complaint with this Incipio case is that the cover can show stains. It seems to absorb moisture easily, but maybe I'm just sloppy. Regardless, don't let that stop you, this case is the real deal for your Apple iPad Mini or iPad Mini with Retina Display.

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