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PlayStation goes from “Suite” to “Mobile” with HTC as a partner

By Aldo Panessidi

PlayStation goes from “Suite” to “Mobile” with HTC as a partner

Sony’s PlayStation Suite is now open to third-party manufacturers, and it’s got a new name: PlayStation Mobile.   Sony wants its new name to reflect PlayStation’s new mobility that allows additional hardware manufacturers to bring PlayStation gaming to their platforms. Sony hopes that developers will use the SDK for the PlayStation Suite to design original content for PlayStation-certified Android devices.

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Sony was pretty pumped about its PlayStation Mobile news when it was announced at E3, but they’ve got some work to do to convince third parties and consumers that they’ve got a program that’s worth getting excited about. Past efforts like the PlayStation phone and subsequent PlayStation Suite were under-whelmingly received by fans.

The first wave of HTC devices to join the PlayStation-certified list is the HTC One line of smartphones - HTC One X, HTC One S and HTC One V. HTC gets to be the first partner whose smartphone customers will be allowed to download exclusive games. Sony said that some of these would be PlayStation 1 classics.

PlayStation goes from “Suite” to “Mobile” with HTC as a partner

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Sony promised more PlayStation-certified phones this year, which would mean they’re lining up other manufacturers. So far, they’re not giving any hints on who else will join the fold. Sony hasn’t revealed a timeline for the PlayStation Mobile rollout on HTC handsets either. Essentially, there are no details on what third party developers will mean to Sony’s PlayStation Mobile brand.

What advice would you give to Sony about rolling out PlayStation gaming for Android?