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Pre Plus comes to AT&T on May 16, $149.99 with free Touchstone

So it appears that AT&T finally released information about the Unlocked  Pre Plus that their customers have been patiently waiting for.  It looks like AT&T customers will be able to purchase the new Palm Pre Plus for $149.99 on contract after rebate.  This is the same price that Sprint is charging for the Pre and $100 more than Verizon is charging for its own Pre Plus.  However, AT&T customers will also get a free Touchstone charging dock along with their purchase for a “limited time” when they purchase the device in a corporate owned store.

There is no word yet on the Pixi Plus but at least this gets Palm back onto AT&T’s network.  Also, there was no word on a free mobile hotspot add-on to mirror the deal that Verizon has going.  The Pre Plus will hit store shelves on May 16th.

Finally we get official word on when the Pre Plus will be released on AT&T’s network and how much it will cost.  While the price of $149.99 seems awfully steep compared to Verizon’s $30 (with a 2 year contract) the addition of the Touchstone charging dock is a nice add on.  This charging dock will help alleviate the extra costs associated with purchasing this device on the AT&T network instead of switching over to Verizon.  However, Sprint is selling the same phone with the same price tag as AT&T so maybe it is just Verizon Wireless that is crazy for selling this smartphone for a mere $30.  Either way it is about time that AT&T announced  when this device would launch as Palm fans have been anxiously waiting to get their hands on the new Pre Plus Unlock Gadget .