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Apple’s Ping Has Twitter Integration

According to a leading unlocked cell phone blog, Apple’s Ping, which is a music social network, is getting integrated with Twitter.  Twitter actually just announced the other day that users of Ping and Twitter will be able to link their accounts from within iTunes.  Once they link their accounts, they will be able to let others know which bands they listen to, along with their favorite songs and albums.  They will also be able to review them.  All activity on Ping will be tweeted to your Twitter account, so all of your followers can see it.

If you are unfamiliar about Ping, then you are not alone.  Just recently, Apple CEO Steve Jobs sent out an email the other day to all of his iTunes users letting people know about his social networking site.  He reported that Ping already has millions of users and that it is growing fast.  Many could be quite skeptical of his growing fast comment though since he had to send out this e-mail.  However, this does sound like a social networking site to look into.

Since many people have not heard of Ping, it is definitely not the most popular social networking site.  The concept of this site is that people would get on there and be able to discuss music with others.  They could follow people to see what they were listening to, and they can also follow different artists to check out the new songs that they released.  It would basically be a variation of Facebook, Twitter, and iTunes combined.  You would get to meet other people, mostly based on having similar tastes in music.  It does have a good idea by letting people share their tastes in music, but it really has never taken off as far as Apple would have liked it to.  You can assume it has gained popularity over the past couple of weeks though.

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